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Reactionary OAN Slams "Left-Wing" Fox And "Left-Leaning" Newsmax
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Reactionary OAN Slams "Left-Wing" Fox And "Left-Leaning" Newsmax

In a case of the right-wing eating its own, uber conservative fringe cable TV operation One America News (OAN) has slammed Fox News as “left-wing” — and Newsmax as “left-leaning” — for declaring Joe Biden the winner several weeks after the election.

Pearson Sharp, the host of OAN, dismissed Fox as a former conservative truth-teller who has shifted to the left in a segment updated Saturday.

Sharp then zeroed in on Newsmax, noting that it “likes to project an image of being home for conservative, right-leaning, or, at the very least, center-right news — a place where anyone tired of Fox’s increasingly left-wing angles can find a fresh take on news.”

But, he insisted, it is a “left-leaning organization,” citing the fact that “Newsmax threw [Donald] Trump under the bus and buckled almost immediately, declaring Biden the next president.”

I promise you, this is the craziest, most comical ‘news’ story you will ever see. After dismissing Fox News as anti-Trump, OAN makes the case that Newsmax is secretly run by left-wingers. Even their TV channels are calling each other traitors! This is not satire! pic.twitter.com/8pqUTOGKjY — Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) May 22, 2021

According to The Hill, Newsmax first referred to Biden as "president-elect" in mid-December, six weeks after the election, while OAN continued to refer to Trump as "President Trump" and Biden simply by his name until just last month.

There is no evidence that Fox News or Newsmax are left-wing or left-leaning, and OAN is known for peddling bogus conspiracy theories.

The Daily Beast reported on Thursday that worried OAN employees are leaving or being poached by Newsmax as their company appears to be slipping further into extremist territory.

I remember Fox lying about the Arizona election result, Newsmax lying about the @FoxNews result, and OAN lying about aliens from outer space. Who can Trumpists trust these days? — Gary Sanchez (@GarySanchez12) May 23, 2021

@newsmax are you going to take that shit? You should clap back at them fools. — Resist4Humanity (@Resist4Humanity) May 22, 2021

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