Home Posts According To Reports, Donald Trump's Much-touted Blog Has Flopped As Interest Waned.
According To Reports, Donald Trump's Much-touted Blog Has Flopped As Interest Waned.
Donald Trump

According To Reports, Donald Trump's Much-touted Blog Has Flopped As Interest Waned.

According to data, former President Donald Trump's much-touted internet debut is a flop.

Trump launched the “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” blog in early May after being barred from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms for his continuing baseless claims of election fraud, which incited rioters in the Capitol insurgency on Jan. 6.

However, internet interactions with his website have largely dropped, according to The Washington Post, indicating Trump’s slide “toward online irrelevance.” Without the bully pulpit of the White House — and access to traditional social media — online chatter about him has reached a five-year low.

According to the Post's review of data from online analytics firms, Trump's blog received 159,000 total social media interactions on its first day, but that number dropped to 30,000 the next day, and it hasn't surpassed 15,000 since.

The Post pointed out that Trump's entire website, including his blog, online store, and fundraising page, has fewer visitors than the recipe website Delish.

Trump's blog received approximately 4 million visits from both desktop and mobile devices during the week ending May 18, according to the Post, with the blog being shared on Facebook an average of fewer than 2,000 times per day during the same period. This is a significant decrease from the tens of millions of comments, shares, and reactions his Facebook page received each week last year, according to social media data firm Buzzsumo.

Trump's blog tends to be far more long-winded than his tight tweets, which are constrained by Twitter character counts, and there's no way to respond with support or criticism — other than to click on a heart, or share to Twitter or Facebook. The one-way conversation is likely to turn off social media connoisseurs.

In early May, Facebook’s Oversight Board announced that it would uphold the company’s Facebook and Instagram bans on Trump, though it asked the website to review its decision within six months. Around the same time, Twitter suspended the @DJTDesk account set up by Trump’s team in conjunction with his blog and webpage, referring to the new account as one “whose apparent intent is to replace or promote c

“He’s whistling in the wind,” Megan Squire, an Elon University computer science professor who studies right-wing online organizing, told the Post. “People just aren’t following him to his little desk platform, and we can see that in the numbers. He doesn’t have that same ability anymore to constantly put his content in people’s faces like he used to.”

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