Home Posts 'Kremlin Cruz' Erupts Over Brian Williams' Nickname For 'Emasculated' Military Attack'
'Kremlin Cruz' Erupts Over Brian Williams' Nickname For 'Emasculated' Military Attack'

'Kremlin Cruz' Erupts Over Brian Williams' Nickname For 'Emasculated' Military Attack'

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) reacted angrily on Twitter after MSNBC's Brian Williams referred to him as "Kremlin Cruz" for his disdain for "emasculated" US troops in comparison to Russia's mighty military.

Williams said on "The 11th Hour" Friday night that the Texas lawmaker didn't like being dubbed "Cancun Cruz" because he defied COVID-19 health recommendations by sneaking out of the state for a vacation in the sun in February while his fellow Texans were suffering from a record-breaking cold and a power outage.

“He won’t like being called ‘Kremlin Cruz’ after his latest and remarkably stupid lapse in judgment,” Williams added, recalling how Cruz slammed “emasculated” American troops after viewing a Russian propaganda video on its military he-men.

Cruz reacted angrily to his new moniker, despite recent tweets indicating his contempt for American troops.

“Holy crap. Perhaps a woke, emasculated military isn’t the best idea,” Cruz tweeted Thursday in an inflammatory post referring to American troops. Cruz was responding to a video from an unknown source that melded part of a brutish Russian propaganda video about troops with a recruitment ad from the United States Army, which highlighted the military’s diversity.

Cruz's tweet sparked outrage, particularly among Americans who, unlike the Texas senator, have served in the military. Critics also pointed to Cruz's unwavering support for former President Donald Trump, who frequently praised Russian President Vladimir Putin as a smart, strong leader in command of his country.

Cruz, on the other hand, doubled down, tweeting later that “Democrat politicians and the woke media are attempting to turn” service members “into pansies.”

Despite this, he railed against Williams' moniker, insisting in a series of tweets that he "hates communists." Trump's friend Putin used to be in the KGB, but the Communist Party was outlawed in Russia in 1991.

He also claimed that Williams is “Pravda,” the Russian newspaper, and that President Joe Biden should be dubbed “Kremlin Joe” for dropping sanctions meant to thwart Russia’s construction of the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline into Germany, which he described as a “multibillion-dollar gift.”

And Cruz's opinion of US troops shifted from "emasculated" to "the finest fighting force on the face of the planet."

3/x Now, with his trademark ignorant snark, he's dubbed me "Kremlin Cruz." Three problems:(1) I despise communists, my family was imprisoned and tortured by communists, and Brian is a shameless apologist for Russian (and Chinese and Cuban) communists.

4/x (2) I was arguing that our military should be able to kick the ass of Russian soldiers. It is Brian and his lefty comrades who are working tirelessly to undermine the effectiveness of the United States military—the best fighting force on the planet. — Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) May 22, 2021

Still, critics were skeptical.

@tedcruz, maybe your years of ignoring and enabling Russia in order to suck Trump's a$$ wasn't the best idea. — Fred Guttenberg (@fred_guttenberg) May 22, 2021

Keep it up, goob. You're a Russian stooge, not a communist stooge. — Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) May 22, 2021

Brian Williams did not abandon his constituents in the midst of an energy crisis. — Grandma MusesTM (@GrandmaMuses) May 22, 2021

— Agolf Twitler Slayer (@bblock29) May 22, 2021

Cathy Coleman (@CathyJoeGPT) May 22, 2021

The first issue is that Russia is not communist, as you would know if you had been paying attention since December of 1991. Additionally, your father was on Castro's side - "Cruz states he joined the Cuban Revolution as a teenager..." — Clovis (@clovis69) May 22, 2021

Russia is Communist now? Ted, what year do you think it is? You're being accused of being a stooge for right-wing authoritarians, and "I hate communists" isn't exactly germane. — Alexandra Erin (@AlexandraErin) May 22, 2021

@tedcruz #KremlinCruz Your tweet glorified Russian soldiers by showing a militaristic "he-man" video of Russian soldiers, and you then mocked a female American soldier as "woke" to contrast her with the Russians. FYI, she was lauded by her General — Susan "For The People"Voting Rights Act Bolle (@SusanBolle) May 22, 2021

Sweetie, you're the Putin supporter here. Where are the communists? I can't find any in the Democratic Party. Education failed you. — More science, less quackery. (@Brasilmagic) May 22, 2021

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