Home Posts The Season 2 Trailer For 'Love, Victor' Teases Gay Teen Romance And Family Drama
The Season 2 Trailer For 'Love, Victor' Teases Gay Teen Romance And Family Drama

The Season 2 Trailer For 'Love, Victor' Teases Gay Teen Romance And Family Drama

Victor Salazar may have come out as gay to his conservative family, but he's about to discover that the path to living as his authentic self may still include a few detours.

Hulu released a trailer for Season 2 of its LGBTQ teen series, "Love, Victor," on Thursday, depicting its titular character (played by Michael Cimino) struggling with how to present himself as "the perfect level of gay that will keep everyone happy."

When Victor's Creekwood High School classmates return on June 11, it appears that they will be going through similar growing pains. His ex, Mia (Rachel Hilson), isn't sure how she feels about her father remarrying and having another child, while his best friend, Felix (Anthony Turpel), is deeply in love with new girlfriend, Lake (Bebe Wood), but is dealing with a troubling reality at home.

Fortunately, it isn't all doom and gloom, as Victor appears to be planning to take his relationship with boyfriend Benji (George Sear) to the next level, with snippets of the couple holding hands as they stroll through Creekwood's corridors almost too cute for words.

After a rocky start, “Love, Victor” premiered on Hulu last year to favorable reviews. The series is a spinoff of the 2018 film “Love, Simon,” which was billed as Hollywood’s first mainstream comedy to center on a gay adolescent.

In an interview with Stardia last year, showrunner Brian Tanen stated that he hoped to look beyond the privileged (and mostly white) world of “Love, Simon” to ensure that the series reflected “the real stories of people whose experiences are not always ideal.”

“Victor’s journey will feel familiar in that he has religious ideas and cultural expectations to contend with,” he said at the time, adding, “There are complications to this character being himself.” “It’s also about a kid who has relationships and explores the sexual parts of his identity, so it’s our hope that Victor will experience those things as he gets older, like a real young adult.”

The Season 2 trailer for "Love, Victor" can be seen below.

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