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Andrew Giuliani's Claims About Political Experience Have Been Scrutinized
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Andrew Giuliani's Claims About Political Experience Have Been Scrutinized

Andrew Giuliani, 35, announced his candidacy for governor of New York on Tuesday, hoping to assuage concerns about his youth by making a dubious claim about his experience.


Despite the fact that Giuliani has never held public office, he reasoned that his father, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, should count for something.

That is apparently why the 35-year-old stated that he has worked in politics for parts of five decades.

Of course, the claim fails the most basic fact-checking, but Giuliani doubled down, claiming that his father's first campaign was in 1989, when the younger Giuliani would have been four years old.

Yesterday, Andrew Giuliani said, "I am the only candidate who has spent parts of 5 different decades of my life in politics or public service..."Reporter: How do you get 5 decades? You're only 35.G: "Let me clarify. I said parts of 5 decades...my father's first campaign was 1989..."— Azi Wear your over your and (@Azi) May 19, 2021

Giuliani's dubious claim is even better in video form.

That clip. https://t.co/p5bUEYt7dx pic.twitter.com/NS5DWPHdVo— Azi (@Azi) May 19, 2021

Twitter users chastised Giuliani for making such a ridiculous claim.

To be clear, Andrew Giuliani, a 35-year-old with five decades of experience, is not promising to make math great again. #RollTheTape https://t.co/WFrGQkRrQ4— Brianna Keilar (@brikeilarcnn) May 19, 2021

We got Caitlin Jenner, and now New York has him. https://t.co/mTnev9YTPA — Prashant (@CoolAssPuppy) May 19, 2021

https://t.co/esfgISLBMN— Jon Fasman (@jonfasman) May 19, 2021

Of course, many people were perplexed as to how a 4-year-old could be involved in a political campaign, given that he was clearly not involved in policy discussions.

Is he taking credit for "being involved in politics" at the age of four in 1989?— Second Ave. Sagas (@2AvSagas) May 19, 2021

One commenter provided context by showing a young Giuliani mugging it up at his father's first mayoral inauguration, though whether that counts as "public service" is debatable.

Will Bredderman (@WillBredderman) on May 19, 2021: https://t.co/4OnruznwgE

"Waving From the Podium During My Father's Inauguration Speech As A Child is Part of the Experience You Can Expect From A Giuliani Gubernatorial Administration, I Promise You." — Ken Simon (@KenSimonSays) May 19, 2021

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