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Larry Krasner Wins Democratic Primary For District Attorney In Philadelphia

Larry Krasner Wins Democratic Primary For District Attorney In Philadelphia

Larry Krasner, a district attorney who has advocated for progressive causes and criminal justice reform, won the Democratic primary in Philadelphia on Tuesday, defeating a challenger who claimed his policies were fueling an increase in violent crime.

Krasner's victory over Democratic challenger Carlos Vega, a longtime homicide prosecutor whom Krasner fired, will almost certainly boost his efforts to reform the district attorney's office, and he is almost certain to win the general election in the firmly left-leaning city in November against attorney Chuck Peruto, the only Republican vying for the position.

“We in the criminal justice reform movement just won a big one,” Krasner said as the results came in Tuesday evening. “Four years ago, we promised reform and a focus on serious crime, and we kept those promises. And this time, they put us back in office for what we have done. Not ideas, not promises, but realities.”

Vega conceded shortly before midnight, despite the fact that the count had not yet ended, and said in a statement that he hoped those he represented were heard throughout the campaign despite his defeat.

“My campaign was first and foremost about elevating the voices of victims who had been forgotten by the current administration,” Vega explained.

Krasner was elected in 2017 as a staunch supporter of progressive issues, promising to end the prosecution of low-level drug possession and rein in police misconduct, citing such efforts as a means of shifting a system that he claims has unfairly targeted communities of color.

“What has been going on in criminal justice in Philly... has been hurting all of us for a very, very long time,” Krasner said at a campaign event earlier this month, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

However, Krasner's detractors cited an increase in gun violence in the city as proof that such policies were ineffective.

According to the Inquirer, 499 people were killed and over 2,240 were shot in Philadelphia in 2020, and Krasner said earlier this year that the number of shootings, which were 40% higher than police had ever recorded, were linked to a slew of pandemic-related factors.

Krasner told The Atlantic this month, "This is truly a once-in-a-century anomaly."

Vega had promised to continue reform efforts but to collaborate more closely with the police, claiming that Krasner was the only new factor in Philadelphia politics in light of the increase in violence.

“We had the same judges and police department before he took office,” Vega told The Atlantic earlier this month, “the only difference now is we have Mr. Krasner.”

Vega received strong backing from the police union during his campaign, which encouraged Republicans to switch parties before Tuesday's election in an effort to unseat Krasner.

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