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Mumbai Man Orders Mouthwash On Amazon, Gets Smartphone

Mumbai Man Orders Mouthwash On Amazon, Gets Smartphone

Lokesh Daga, a Mumbai-based co-founder of a travel luggage company, claims Amazon India delivered him a smartphone when he had ordered only mouthwash. He claims the package label on the delivered item was in his name but the invoice was in someone else's.

According to Mr Daga's Twitter profile, he is the co-founder of Nasher Miles, a manufacturer of luggage bags and accessories, and his tweet has elicited a number of interesting responses.

One user suggested that he keep the smartphone and get the mouthwash from a local store, while another requested that Mr Daga give him the smartphone.

Mr Daga responded, "nice try," but wondered what would happen to the person who ordered a smartphone but received mouthwash instead.

The incident is being widely discussed on Twitter, with most people sharing hilarious memes about it, some of which are shown below:

A Twitter user chastised Amazon India for providing irresponsible service to Mr Daga, citing his own experience with a misplaced order.

In June 2020, a man tweeted that he ordered a skin lotion on Amazon for $300 but received Bose headphones worth nearly $20,000 instead. Gautam Rege, the co-founder and director of Josh Software, said that when he contacted Amazon to return the package, he was told to keep the premium headphones because the item was "non-returnable."
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