Home Posts Andrew Giuliani Announces Run For New York Governor, Hypes "Fight" Against Cuomo
Andrew Giuliani Announces Run For New York Governor, Hypes "Fight" Against Cuomo
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Andrew Giuliani Announces Run For New York Governor, Hypes "Fight" Against Cuomo

Andrew Giuliani, the son of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and a former special assistant to disgraced ex-President Donald Trump, announced his candidacy for New York governor on Tuesday, seeking to unseat Democratic incumbent Andrew Cuomo.

“Giuliani vs. Cuomo. Holy smokes. It’s Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier. We can sell Madison Square Garden tickets,” he told the New York Post on Tuesday. (The beleaguered Cuomo has not officially launched a reelection campaign for a fourth term.)

Giuliani changed his Twitter bio to “Candidate: 57th Governor Of New York.” He promoted his campaign on Fox 5’s “Good Day New York,” saying it’s “where the road to Albany begins.” He also retweeted the Post’s article.

The younger Giuliani has never run for public office, but as the son of Rudy Giuliani, who spent his time during the Trump presidency fruitlessly pursuing the ex-president's baseless legal claims that the election was stolen, publicly ranting on news shows, and appearing with his hand down his pants while being pranked in the "Borat" sequel, the gubernatorial run feels natural transitio.

Giuliani, 35, told the tabloid, "I'm a politician from the womb; it's in my DNA."

NBC New York reported that Giuliani, who previously stated that he was considering a run for governor, has recently appeared as a contributor on the far-right Newsmax channel.

After the FBI raided the elder Giuliani's home in connection with his dealings with Ukraine, he vehemently defended his father, even concocting a conspiracy theory about the judge who signed the search warrant.

Politico noted that before taking on Cuomo, who is currently dogged by sexual harassment allegations and accusations of mishandling the early days of the coronavirus pandemic in nursing homes, Giuliani will have to defeat fellow Republican Lee Zeldin, who, according to the website, “could complicate” Giuliani’s path to the nomination.

“I know we can defeat Andrew Cuomo in 2022. I will be the 57th governor of New York,” Giuliani said.

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