Home Posts Joe Exotic Makes New Claims In A Last-Ditch Attempt To Get Biden's Pardon
Joe Exotic Makes New Claims In A Last-Ditch Attempt To Get Biden's Pardon

Joe Exotic Makes New Claims In A Last-Ditch Attempt To Get Biden's Pardon

Joe Exotic, the star of “Tiger King,” is pleading with President Joe Biden for a pardon, claiming that he may be suffering from multiple forms of cancer and needs to be released to receive proper care.

Exotic, whose real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, is serving a 22-year prison sentence for attempting to hire a hitman to murder Carole Baskin, the Big Cat Rescue founder he considered his nemesis, as well as for federal wildlife violations. However, in a rambling series of tweets, he claimed, as he has in the past, that “city cops” and the U.S. Justice Department were “out of their minds.”

He suggested that Biden “make this right and sign that pardon that Trump left behind so I can go home and get proper medical care and proper food.”

Exotic and his attorneys had lobbied then-President Donald Trump for a pardon, and they were so confident he would get one that they had a limousine waiting to take him home from prison. When the pardon never came, Exotic slammed Trump for instead pardoning “his corrupt friends.”

Exotic now claims that his PSA levels are high and that he may have prostate cancer, that he has mouth sores, that he is losing weight, and that he has a number of medical exams scheduled:

Update: I have an oncologist appointment on May 27th and a urologist appointment on June 1st. They have informed me that a biopsy on a tumor on my right side below my ribs will be scheduled, as well as a colonoscopy and endoscopy to find everything. pic.twitter.com/3MoODOnlet— Joe Exotic (@joe_exotic) May 15, 2021

Joe Exotic and those around him became instant celebrities last spring, when the documentary series "Tiger King" debuted on Netflix just as the first coronavirus shutdowns began, but several figures from his past said anyone who felt sympathetic toward him after watching the series got the wrong impression.

Rick Kirkham, who was working on his own Exotic series with him until the footage was destroyed in a suspicious fire, described him as "pure evil."

Kirkham told The Daily Beast last year, "He enjoyed seeing people and animals hurt; he got a kick out of it."

According to a juror at Exotic's trial, the "Tiger King" was convicted based on strong evidence, including details not shown in the series.

“Don’t believe everything you see because there was so much more to it than what they’re showing you,” the juror, only identified as Kristin, told Fox Nation’s Nancy Grace.

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