Home Posts 'Halston' Trailer Has Ewan McGregor As '70s Fashion Icon Battling Fame, Addiction
'Halston' Trailer Has Ewan McGregor As '70s Fashion Icon Battling Fame, Addiction

'Halston' Trailer Has Ewan McGregor As '70s Fashion Icon Battling Fame, Addiction

Ewan McGregor exemplifies the charm and coarseness of Studio 54-period New York in Netflix's "Halston," as confirmed by another trailer.

The restricted arrangement, chief created by Ryan Murphy, depicts the existence of Roy Halston Frowick (McGregor), who ruled the style world as creator Halston in the last part of the 1970s and mid '80s. Based on the 1991 book "Just Halston: The Untold Story," the show follows the worldwide impresario "as he use his single, developed name into an overall design realm that is inseparable from extravagance, sex, status and acclaim," as indicated by press notes.

During his heyday, Halston bragged a customer base A-rundown stars that included Anjelica Huston and Liza Minnelli, the last of whom entertainer Krysta Rodriguez depicts in the series. Halston's all around reported fight with illicit drug use, nonetheless, negatively affected his career, and he in the long run failed to keep a grip on his design house. He passed on of AIDS-related cellular breakdown in the lungs at age 57 of every 1990.

Addressing The Hollywood Reporter, McGregor said he was curious about with the extent of Halston's heritage when he originally read the content for the arrangement.

Catch the "Halston" trailer underneath.

"I could tell in a split second from the photos that I needed to play him," the "Trainspotting" and "Moulin Rouge!" entertainer said. "I could simply feel it. There is something in particular about the manner you can see that he holds himself, something behind his eyes. There's something so charming about him as a character."

"To discover that he was so hugely renowned in his time and I had never known about him — that didn't sound good to me," he added.

"Halston" doesn't avoid its subject's private life. The arrangement likewise stars Gian Franco Rodriguez as Venezuelan-conceived craftsman Victor Hugo, who was in a close connection with the fashioner for around 12 years.

As a straight man, McGregor said he was from the outset worried that tolerating the part of Halston, who made no mystery of his eccentric sexuality during his lifetime, would bring about kickback.

"Assuming it had been an anecdote about Halston's sexuality more, perhaps it's correct that gay entertainers should assume that part," the entertainer disclosed to THR in a different meeting. "Be that as it may, for this situation — and I would prefer not to seem as though I'm worming out of this, since it's something I considered — I assume eventually I had an inclination that it was only one piece of what his identity was."

"There are individuals I met who don't have decent comments about him," he proceeded. "What's more, there are individuals who love him and are fantastically faithful right up 'til today. I was eager to play that."

"Halston" makes a big appearance on Netflix on May 14.

Patrick McMullan/Netflix

Ewan McGregor as Roy Halston Frowick and Krysta Rodriguez as Liza Minnelli in "Halston."
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