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Kevin McCarthy Now Willing To Meet With Shunned Capitol Police Officer About Riot
Capitol Riot

Kevin McCarthy Now Willing To Meet With Shunned Capitol Police Officer About Riot

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said Thursday that he's currently able to meet with a U.S. State house Police official who's angry that Republican administrators are attempting to rework history and depict the lethal favorable to Donald Trump revolt as a stroll in the recreation center.

McCarthy offered the expression at a Police Week occasion at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington when he was squeezed about reports that his staff members had hung up on Officer Michael Fanone when he called to converse with the senator about his encounters on Jan. 6.

McCarthy said he had quite recently educated the earlier day that Fanone had called his office and needed to meet. "I might want to meet with him," he said. McCarthy called what occurred on Jan. 6 "monstrous."

Fanone, a 19-year Police veteran, endured a cardiovascular failure after he was hauled down steps, beaten with pipes and over and over stunned with immobilizers during the Capitol revolt. The assault was caught on stunning film from his bodycam that was shown Wednesday night on CNN.

"It's been exceptionally troublesome seeing chosen authorities ... whitewash the occasions that day," Fanone said in a CNN talk with a month ago. (Look at this meeting in the video above.)

"I encountered a gathering of people that were attempting to slaughter me," he said, holding back tears. "I encountered the most fierce, savage, hand-to-hand battle of as long as I can remember."

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) sent a letter endorsed by 105 different legislators to McCarthy on Thursday requesting that he meet with Fanone after the "resentful" official grumbled to him that McCarthy's staff members had hung up on him.

105 of my partners marked this letter went to @GOPLeader McCarthy requesting that he meet Officer Mike Fanone. Up until now, McCarthy has denied. RT to ensure Officer Fanone can disclose to McCarthy 1/6 was no "ordinary vacationer day" at the Capitol. #PoliceWeek pic.twitter.com/00JwpfKFeo—Rep. Eric Swalwell (@RepSwalwell) May 13, 2021

A McCarthy staff part rejected that Fanone was cut off and said he had been given the email of somebody to contact.

This isn't accurate. Official Fanone called our office and talked with our staff who at that point offered to give the email address of our overseer of tasks. He was not hung up on. https://t.co/em5RKTp7vq—Michele Perez Exner (@michelepexner) May 12, 2021

Official Fanone revealed to me he was hung up on. Is it accurate to say that you are considering him a liar? https://t.co/kDct5hHQQ9—Eric Swalwell (@ericswalwell) May 12, 2021

So difficult to sort out who is coming clean between Officer Fanone and somebody who works for Kevin McCarthy. Truly intense call.— DF (@DF72811) May 12, 2021

The fight over elective stories about the Capitol revolt is developing much more contributed the wake of the launch Wednesday of Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) from her House administrative role for censuring the mob and for not embracing the GOP's protection of "the enormous untruth" that the official political race was manipulated.

Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-Ga.) asserted on the House floor Wednesday that the Jan. 6 mob "seemed as though a typical vacationer visit" to the Capitol.

Rep. Andrew Clyde's (R-GA) remarks today don't hold up well when played next to each other with uprising film, so I made this.the revisionist history being sustained by certain Republicans to protect January sixth is sickening pic.twitter.com/bWdXtU0b4F—j.d. durkin (@jiveDurkey) May 12, 2021

It's a huge test for Republican administrators, in any case, to persuade millions regarding Americans that they didn't really see what they saw as they sat stuck to their PC or TV screens on Jan. 6.

"I was there," Sen. Glove Romney (R-Utah) told Stardia on Thursday. "What happened was a rough exertion to meddle with and forestall the sacred request of introducing another president."

Official Michael Fanone's letter to Kevin McCarthy and other Congressional seditionists. pic.twitter.com/NWoZ8y4hIP—dlh2409 (@dlh2409) May 12, 2021
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