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Police Detain Murder Suspect, Can't Find Tiger He Went On The Run With

Police Detain Murder Suspect, Can't Find Tiger He Went On The Run With

HOUSTON (AP) — A Texas man free on bond from a homicide accusation was gotten back to guardianship Monday after neighbors tracked down a pet tiger meandering around a HOUSTON area.

HOUSTON police tweeted Monday night that Victor Hugo Cuevas, 26, was back in guardianship accused of crime avoiding capture.

police had said they accepted the tiger had a place with Cuevas, however his lawyer scrutinized the exactness of that conviction.

UPDATE #2: Victor Hugo Cuevas is in guardianship. The whereabouts of the tiger are not yet known.Anyone with data on the tiger is encouraged to contact HPD Major Offenders at 713-308-3100.#hounews https://t.co/TkaAtK45MC—HOUSTON police (@HOUSTONpolice) May 11, 2021

Video of the Sunday night experience shows the tiger encountering an equipped off the clock Waller County sheriff's agent, police said. During the experience, the appointee can be heard hollering at Cuevas to get the creature back inside.

No shots were discharged.

At the point when officials showed up, Cuevas put the creature in a white Jeep Cherokee and drove off, HOUSTON police Cmdr. Ron Borza said during a news meeting Monday. Cuevas moved away after a concise pursuit, he said.

police said Monday that the tiger's whereabouts are not known.

Borza had said before Monday that the principle concern was discovering Cuevas and discovering the tiger "since what I don't need him to do is hurt that tiger. We have a lot of spots we can take that tiger and keep it safe and give it a permanent place to stay for the remainder of its life."

Cuevas' lawyer, Michael W. Elliott, said he didn't think Cuevas was the proprietor of the tiger or that he was dealing with the creature. The lawyer additionally said it was indistinct to him in the event that it was Cuevas seen on recordings of the occurrence.

"Individuals are making a ton of presumptions in this specific case. Perhaps he may be the saint out there who got the tiger that was around there," Elliott said.

HPD Commander Borza gives update on scene of where a tiger was discovered yesterday at Ivy Wall https://t.co/zPO6ESJ2E3—HOUSTON police (@HOUSTONpolice) May 10, 2021

Cuevas was accused of homicide in a 2017 lethal shooting of a man outside an eatery in adjoining Fort Bend County and was out on bond. Elliott said Cuevas has kept up the shooting was self-protection and is blameless of the homicide allegation.

Cuevas likewise evidently had two monkeys in the home, Borza said.

Having a monkey isn't unlawful in HOUSTON if the creature is under 30 pounds (13.5 kilograms). Tigers are not permitted inside HOUSTON city limits except if the overseer, like a zoo, is authorized to have outlandish creatures. Texas has no statewide law precluding private responsibility for and other outlandish creatures.

In 2019, some individuals who went into a neglected HOUSTON home to smoke pot discovered a confined tiger. The tiger's proprietor was later ordered to pay for the creature's consideration at an East Texas natural life shelter.

"Private residents and crisis responders ought not need to encounter a lion or a tiger in an emergency," said Wayne Pacelle, leader of Animal Wellness Action, a Washington, D.C.- based basic entitlements bunch. "These creatures have a place in the wild or in respectable asylums or zoos and no place else."

Borza said occupants ought not have such creatures since they can be capricious.

"In the event that that tiger was to get out and begin doing some harm yesterday, I'm certain one of these residents would have shot the tiger. We have a lot of neighbors over here with firearms, and we would prefer not to see that. It's not the creature's deficiency. It's the raiser's deficiency. It's inadmissible," he said.
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