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Megan Fox Reveals Her Hilarious Britney Spears Impression
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Megan Fox Reveals Her Hilarious Britney Spears Impression

Megan Fox opened up about how she deals with battle her dread of flying ― and relaxed uncovered her executioner Britney Spears impression.

Fox, plunking down with Kelly Clarkson on her daytime syndicated program this week, clarified how she developed more unfortunate of planes subsequent to flying to and fro between New York and Los Angeles.

"I resembled, 'I'm somewhat pushing the insights now since I'm flying so regularly," Fox said. "Furthermore, that is the place where the dread came from, on the grounds that it resembles, no doubt on the off chance that you fly double a year you're acceptable, however not in case you're flying like double seven days."

Furthermore, for that, pop sensation Britney Spears' melodies like "Oops!...I Did It Again" have helped hugely, she said.

"What I did and what I do prescribe to individuals in the event that you hit disturbance and you're similar to, 'I don't care for how this feels,' I would toss on certain music that I just realized I wasn't going to bite the dust to, which ... for me that was Britney Spears ― like the documents from when I was young. So, like the 'Oops!' album," Fox clarified.

Also, she illustrated, dropping some note a la Spears' notable lilt.

"I'm not a young lady, not yet a ladies," she murmured to Clarkson.

"That is not the soundtrack to my demise," Fox said. "In this way, that consistently caused me to feel good."

She proceeded with the clarification with some a greater amount of her Spears' impression: "You're not going to meet God on a like, 'Gracious child, infant,' and afterward you're dead and you know every one of the secrets of the universe around there. So for me, that was truly useful."

Fox stressed that all together for her dread overcoming strategy to work, "simply ensure you're picking music that is that way ― like Backstreet Boys. 'It's Raining Men' ― ain't no one biting the dust to that tune. Never have, never will."

You can watch her whole appearance on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" above.
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