Home Posts Republican Rep. Paul Gosar's Siblings Urge Him To Resign, Saying, "Have You No Sense Of Decency?"
Republican Rep. Paul Gosar's Siblings Urge Him To Resign, Saying, "Have You No Sense Of Decency?"
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Republican Rep. Paul Gosar's Siblings Urge Him To Resign, Saying, "Have You No Sense Of Decency?"

Rep. Paul Gosar's (R-Ariz.) siblings have called for the GOP to take action against their brother, citing his ties to white nationalists, denial of COVID-19, and role in inciting the Jan. 6 insurgency, among other wrongdoings.

“Although his colleagues in Congress and others in the media appear to have only recently become aware of his unhinged behavior,” Jennifer, Dave, and Tim Gosar wrote in an op-ed published by NBC News on Sunday.

“Have you no sense of decency, Paul?” they continued, citing his false claims about coronavirus while it was ravaging his state, his repeated participation in and involvement with white nationalist events, his support for the racist “birther” conspiracy theory, and his dedicated efforts to spread former President Donald Trump’s big lie.

“It appears, in fact, that you are immune to shame,” they continued, “because, in addition to betraying your family and causing irreparable harm to the relationships within it, you chose to betray your country by aiding in the instigation of the Jan. 6 domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol.”

Gosar was heavily involved in disseminating conspiracy theories in response to the election result, and he has defended the violent insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 as "peaceful patriots." He was one of 20 House Republicans who voted against awarding Congressional Gold Medals to the officers who defended them.

The Gosars also emphasized the lawmaker's friendship with Nick Fuentes, a white supremacist figurehead and Holocaust denier.

“Perhaps you don’t know how you got to this very dark place, Paul,” his siblings wrote. “Unfortunately, we have some ideas. Perhaps it’s because you’re in way over your head in Congress and lack the intellect, character, or maturity to be in that leadership role.”

“Perhaps your lifelong, insecure need for other people’s approval drove you to sacrifice your common decency and integrity in order to satisfy Trump and his supporters and keep your seat.”

Six of Gosar's nine siblings endorsed his opponent in a series of ads warning against Gosar's character in 2018.

In Sunday's article, they urged him to resign, but noted that this was unlikely.

“This means that unless your colleagues step in,” they said, “you are likely doomed to go down in history as a cautionary tale: a person who betrayed his family, his country, and even himself.”

His siblings have previously called for his expulsion from Congress, which appears unlikely given that Congress has only expelled 20 members in its history. Furthermore, despite Gosar's appalling record, his Republican colleagues have been reluctant to condemn his actions.

On NBC News, you can read the full op-ed.

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