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Nina Turner Is The Beneficiary Of A Six-figure Super PAC Launched By The Progressive Group.
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Nina Turner Is The Beneficiary Of A Six-figure Super PAC Launched By The Progressive Group.

The Working Families Party, a progressive organization, intends to spend at least $150,000 in support of Democrat Nina Turner's congressional bid, escalating national investment in an Ohio special election that has turned into an ideological proxy battle.

According to Joe Dinkin, the WFP's campaigns director, the super PAC's spending could amount to up to $200,000.

“At this point, Democrats need to go big to deal with the scale of crises that people are facing, from the pandemic that we’ve lived through to the impending climate disaster that we’re seeing on the news,” Dinkin said. “We need people who are ready to make the case for bold leadership and bold action that meets the scale of those problems, and Nina is someone who has never shied away from that.”

The unaffiliated show of support is the second super PAC to emerge on Turner's behalf in an attempt to counter the influence of outside groups backing Shontel Brown, Turner's more moderate Democratic opponent.

The first group, Democratic Action PAC, founded by left-wing consultant Connor Farrell, is concentrating its efforts on television, digital advertising, and radio spots.

The World Food Programme, on the other hand, is funding phone calls and door-to-door campaigns on Turner's behalf.

Campaign veterans occasionally advise against super PACs investing in field campaigns because they are legally prohibited from coordinating with campaigns and thus lack access to up-to-date voter information gathered by campaigns.

Dinkin, however, believes that it is the most effective way for the World Food Programme to supplement Turner's efforts.

“There will be a lot of money spent on negative ads against Nina, and there is no substitute for direct conversation one-on-one with a person to talk about what’s real and what we can do together,” Dinkin said.

Turner, a former Ohio state senator and close ally of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), has garnered national progressive support in her bid to succeed Housing and Urban Development Secretary Marcia Fudge in Ohio's 11th Congressional District.

Turner, a former Cleveland city councilwoman, initially used her television ads to remind largely mainstream Democratic voters in the Cleveland and Akron areas of her long history as a pragmatic public servant, but she has since gone on the offensive against Brown on the airwaves.

Brown released an internal polling memo earlier this month that showed she gained 26 percentage points in a month of television time, significantly cutting Turner's lead.

“Nina Turner sees this race slipping away from her, so it’s no surprise she’s attempting to resurrect attacks that have already been litigated and resolved,” Brown campaign manager Brian Peters said in a statement.

Turner will face Brown, a county councilwoman and local Democratic Party chair, in the special primary election on August 3. Given the district's strong Democratic lean, the winner of the special primary election is expected to easily win the special general election in November.

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