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Bill O'Reilly Files Order Preventing Accuser From Appearing On 'The View'
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Bill O'Reilly Files Order Preventing Accuser From Appearing On 'The View'

NEW YORK (AP) — “The View” canceled a scheduled appearance by a woman who settled a sexual harassment lawsuit against Bill O’Reilly after the former Fox News Channel personality sought and received a restraining order against her.

O'Reilly accused his former producer, Andrea Mackris, of breaching a non-disclosure agreement by discussing her interactions with him nearly two decades ago.

In a statement, ABC's daytime talk show said that after learning about the restraining order, "we decided to postpone her interview pending further developments," adding that "we look forward to welcoming her to 'The View' at a later date."

Mackris detailed her experiences with O'Reilly in an interview with the Daily Beast earlier this month, accusing him of making repeated lewd phone calls, while he accused her of an extortion attempt before agreeing to a $9 million settlement in 2004.

Fox News fired O'Reilly, the network's most popular star at the time, in 2017 after it was revealed that the network had paid five women a total of $13 million to remain silent about disturbing encounters with him.

O'Reilly accused Mackris of violating the confidentiality obligations she agreed to in her settlement in court papers filed this week in New York state Supreme Court in Nassau County, New York. While Mackris apparently believes the terms do not apply to her, “she has not offered to return any of the millions of dollars she received,” O'Reilly's lawyers said.

The restraining order was signed by Judge Randy Sue Marber on Tuesday, and a hearing was set for July 26.

“I hope the days of the law allowing the silencing of women are over,” Mackris told the Daily Beast on Wednesday, adding that she will “continue to fight for my voice.”

Mackris discussed her emotional distress and how she was effectively blackballed in the news industry in the years following her case in a July 13 article for the website.

That article was co-written by “contributing reporter” Diana Falzone, a former Fox News employee who settled a gender discrimination lawsuit against the network after accusing the network of abruptly taking her off the air after she wrote an article about her endometriosis struggles in 2017.

In an editor's note at the end of the piece, the Daily Beast revealed Falzone's Fox connection and settlement.


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    • Dd
    • 22 Jul, 2021

    She took the money and the deal… can’t have it both ways. She made the choice to not discuss for cash. If she wanted to talk, don’t take the deal with the cash.

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