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Twitter Users Spot The 'Humiliating' Part Of Ted Cruz's T-Shirt Tweet

Twitter Users Spot The 'Humiliating' Part Of Ted Cruz's T-Shirt Tweet

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) moved on Twitter Thursday after he shared a screen capture that seemed to show him looking for his own name on the stage.

Likely made in China. pic.twitter.com/8jSKWHQwoO—Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) May 6, 2021

Cruz, a showing off Donald Trump puppet, was terminating back at a post appearance a ridiculing T-shirt bearing his resemblance ― and the motto "Legislative issues toward the front, Insurrection toward the back" ― that the pundit said blurred after one wash.

Individuals saw that the pursuit bar in Cruz's screen capture contained the expressions "tedcruz OR @tedcruz Or s… " and blamed the Texas Republican for being "urgent."

Doesn't Ted Cruz have a significant occupation that doesn't include looking for his own damn name on Twitter? https://t.co/fvaSxOoTay—Miranda Yaver, PhD (@mirandayaver) May 6, 2021

Bruh coulda just tapped the tweet and took a screen capture 😭🤣—Austin Choate (@Austin_Choate) May 6, 2021

You looked through yourself and left the inquiry bar on the screen capture? pic.twitter.com/Hb2OzcFVSy—Carolyn (@Eightnotenuf) May 6, 2021

One more self-own by @TedCruz. This time? Scanning Twitter for his own name. https://t.co/aBvD4LOFLB—Ray Wert (@raywert) May 6, 2021

let's play the speculating game for what the last inquiry term beginning with 's' was pic.twitter.com/hu6C2LNtMZ—Jandalf the J 👁️⃤ (@Logan_Strobel) May 6, 2021

Brother how frequently do you search yourself?— Jacob (@steelfan7575) May 6, 2021

The third term in the inquiry bar is "seditionist".— Fitz❤️‍🔥Bunny (@Fitz_Bunny) May 6, 2021

regrettable OR parched OR frantic OR https://t.co/HuEJp0CDJu pic.twitter.com/sHZPIjdriE—Kendall Brown (@kendallybrown) May 6, 2021

this is so humiliating pic.twitter.com/jmEXBvPYXa—matt lurrie (@mattlurrie) May 6, 2021

you have no clue about how humiliating that search bar is isn't that right?— Matt, from the web (@theothermatt_b) May 6, 2021

Somebody is namesearching themselves. Ted, that's fine, however you're shouldn't do it out in the open. https://t.co/EWScoSh0An—jon rosenberg🦥🌿 (@jonrosenberg) May 6, 2021

We as a whole realized you were fixated on yourself, yet damn...— Presley (@writerthoughts) May 6, 2021

Like the name search part of this https://t.co/QMAeP7JrRK—Shane Goldmacher (@ShaneGoldmacher) May 6, 2021

Name searcher haha—morgan (@OsoheGhost) May 7, 2021

The key detail: this THIRSTY mf looked through it at 11:51 and posted it at 11:51 https://t.co/DK2xxbEBgC—Tommy moderna-vaX-Topher (@tommyxtopher) May 6, 2021

So you simply be looking through yourself like that haha—BREN FLEGEL (@biggayidiot_) May 6, 2021

Conclusive confirmation Ted Cruz look through his own name on Twitter https://t.co/pHopgBlMHg—Jacob Rubashkin (@JacobRubashkin) May 6, 2021

Congratulations on oneself own by including the hunt terms, Cancun Ted—white koi summer (@RaisingOneBrow) May 6, 2021

Looking through your own name on Twitter is a sob for help. https://t.co/xXVDbr0ZYs—Scott Bixby (@scottbix) May 6, 2021

It's amusing that you didn't crop out that you're a name searcher, One of the most shaky things you can do—𝓢𝓹𝓸𝓻𝓴𝓫𝓸𝓸𝓽𝓼 (@sporkboot) May 6, 2021

in a real sense all you needed to do was crop the screen capture omg—m🍃✨ (@ummmmbri) May 6, 2021

It blurred as fast as your official run—Pinche-Pastor of Our🚺of the🖕Church (@Pinche_Pi) May 6, 2021

Biting the dust Ted Cruz look through his own name and likely sees me cooking him close to every day https://t.co/F8SJ3brRZx—Ofirah Yheskel (@ofirahy) May 6, 2021

In 2017, Cruz blamed a staff member for coincidentally "loving" a bad-to-the-bone pornography video from his Twitter account.
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