Home Posts Twitter Users Drag Josh Hawley For Hypocritical Tweet About Amazon
Twitter Users Drag Josh Hawley For Hypocritical Tweet About Amazon

Twitter Users Drag Josh Hawley For Hypocritical Tweet About Amazon

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) interrupted his assaults on "huge tech" on Friday to ask Twitter clients to buy his new book assaulting huge tech on Amazon.

Hawley's misleading pitch on Twitter came during a press visit advancing the book, where he regularly blames the traditional press for quieting him while he's being met by the traditional press.

Much obliged for making The Tyranny of Big Tech a smash hit the entire week on Amazon! You can get your duplicate here https://t.co/hhFfIdthrY—Josh Hawley (@HawleyMO) May 6, 2021

Hawley clearly didn't consider the to be of situating himself as a major tech enemy while utilizing large tech to advance a book that is against enormous tech. Twitter clients, obviously, called attention to it to him.

Come for the Amazon interface, stay for the "Twitter for iPhone" source name https://t.co/h9nUs4aiRP—Nu Wexler (@wexler) May 7, 2021

Utilizing Twitter to gloat about your Amazon deals of a book about how Twitter and Amazon are hushing you is the whole moderate development reduced to its pith. https://t.co/OCJi9pR7sz—Zach Heltzel (@zachheltzel) May 7, 2021

Nothing shows you're being SILENCED while taking advantage of enormous tech like tweeting to your 635,000 devotees about your book deals on Amazon https://t.co/FAJsDWJTuj—Brian Klaas (@brianklaas) May 7, 2021

Gee. While advancing a book about Big Tech's "oppression," Hawley utilized an Apple item to distribute a thing on Twitter about his Amazon deals? https://t.co/XnraDtp1ln—Steve Benen (@stevebenen) May 7, 2021

Entrepreneurs will consistently sell you the rope you need to hang them. At Amazon, they'll even convey it to your entryway. https://t.co/vE2Oj3uqpY—Nick Gillespie (@nickgillespie) May 7, 2021

kindly purchase my book "Quit Eating Meat, A Vegetarian's Plea To The World" at Captain J Meat's Meaty Emporium https://t.co/U9K1FrYbg5—Oliver Willis (@owillis) May 7, 2021

Characterize incongruity in one tweet https://t.co/qi4U7D3WsO—Eli Lake (@EliLake) May 7, 2021

CNN's Brianna Keilar noted on Thursday that for the entirety of Hawley's grievances about being hushed by tech organizations and the media, he's all over Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, and he appears on Fox News "as regularly as you brush your teeth."

Keep going month, Hawley was delayed Twitter in the wake of advancing the book as something the "corporate media" and "the woke horde don't need you to peruse." That pitch likewise incorporated the Amazon interface.

Despite the fact that Hawley is by all accounts experiencing no difficulty discovering source for communicating, he has confronted ramifications for advancing Donald Trump's political decision lies and bringing a clench hand up on the side of Capitol agitators on Jan. 6. Simon and Schuster, which had been set to distribute his book, dropped the arrangement, and Lowes Hotel Group dropped plans to hold a pledge drive for him.
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