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The 20 Funniest Tweets From Women This Week
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The 20 Funniest Tweets From Women This Week

The women of Twitter never neglect to light up our days with their splendid and compact mind. Each week, Stardia Women gathers together funny thoughts of 280 characters or less.

Look during this current time's extraordinary tweets from ladies beneath. At that point visit our "Most clever Tweets From Women" page for past roundups.

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have we had a go at offering a pizza gathering to whatever state immunizes the a great many people—Carlyn Harris, MPH (@carlynharris) May 5, 2021

consider the possibility that canines expected to wear antiperspirant and u needed to apply it under their little arms for them—SadeVEVO (@fillegrossiere) May 3, 2021

Much thanks to you to every one individuals who gave their lives sorting out which mushrooms we can and can't eat.— Abbi Crutchfield (@curlycomedy) May 4, 2021

"No concerns if not!" pic.twitter.com/P0zG1iH6hc—Abby Barr (@1AbbyRoad) May 5, 2021

jeff bezos and charge doors both acknowledged marriage is an association and left quickly—shanaz (@shanaz8201) May 3, 2021

each really hot very cool young lady's sweetheart is in a real sense just... a person. like simply a fella. simply the plainest man you've at any point seen.— Dana Donnelly (@danadonly) May 5, 2021

Not as indicated by my Instagram channel pic.twitter.com/wMNu9eG1UQ—Rebecca Fishbein (@bfishbfish) May 5, 2021

somewhat wild that felines simply remain at home throughout the day, consistently being frantic at nothing—Ella Zee 🌈👑 (@EllaZee5) May 2, 2021

He unloaded me so I'm dating his landowner. We expanding the lease tomorrow.— price🇿🇼 (@allaitermoi) May 2, 2021

each comedy company has a person that resembles this pic.twitter.com/7jYc8uuxPH—Maddy ☻ (@TheirMaddesty) May 1, 2021

Envision ur perusing a separation text on ur Apple Watch haha—Natalie (@jbfan911) May 2, 2021

at the point when u ask a man in brooklyn what he jumps at the chance to do pic.twitter.com/fV6NcnOEWx—emma silvers (@silvers_emma) May 5, 2021

growing up I had a companion who was persuaded the verses were "don't go, jason cascades" and I consider it continually. for what reason would it be that. who is jason—helen (@helen) May 2, 2021

This is unquestionably the most odd inquiry I have at any point seen on an employment form pic.twitter.com/3DzbhNCzy0—Beeta (@beetagolsh) May 4, 2021

To facilitate the pressure in treatment, Freud told the first "your mom" joke—eLëni (@eleniZarro) May 5, 2021

I have a kid's comprehension of what occurs at an office work. what are you all doing on the PC throughout the day? it can't all be messages—miscegenation mami (@bannedmommygf) May 5, 2021

"for what reason are you wearing a veil outside"BECAUSE 👏 I DON'T 👏 LIKE 👏 MY FACE 👏—sare of easttown (@slothanova) May 4, 2021

Gracious by no means: pic.twitter.com/TI1mAvFS65—The Nostalgia Queen ➐ 👸🏽 (@Snow_Blacck) May 5, 2021

Drinking in Austin in the wake of living in New York resembles going through Monopoly cash. I nearly kicked the bucket the previous evening and I burned through 25 dollars—Kath Barbadoro (@kathbarbadoro) May 6, 2021

Required Tenant Info: government managed retirement number, bank proclamations, paystubs, references, credit check, record verification, work history, pay historyRequired Landlord Info: my name is Tony—Nori Reed (@nori_reed) May 6, 2021
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