Home Posts Trump Is Said To Have Billed The Secret Service $50,000 For Lodging At His Own Properties.
Trump Is Said To Have Billed The Secret Service $50,000 For Lodging At His Own Properties.
Donald Trump

Trump Is Said To Have Billed The Secret Service $50,000 For Lodging At His Own Properties.

According to The Washington Post, Donald Trump has charged the Secret Service more than $50,000 in lodging fees at his own properties since leaving the White House.

According to the Post, the former president charged the agency more than $10,000 for lodging at his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf resort during his stay in May alone, and agents plan to stay through July.

The figures were based on records provided by the Secret Service in response to the newspaper's Freedom of Information Act request.

The most recent figures from Trump's spring move to Bedminster revealed that he is continuing a "habit" that began during his first days in office: "charging rent to the agency that protects his life," according to the Post.

The Secret Service information on Bedminster did not include a per-night rate, but the Post deduced from the total that the former president was socking the Secret Service with a nightly bill of $566.64 for a four-bedroom “cottage” on the property so agents could be nearby, which would account for the 18 days Trump stayed at Bedminster in May.

According to the Washington Post, there is no law that prevents Trump from charging the Secret Service, and there are no limits on how much he can charge, but it is extremely unusual for a former president to earn money from Secret Service charges.

Only one other person under Secret Service protection who charged the agency rent was Joe Biden, who charged the Secret Service $2,200 per month (which would cover only four days at Bedminster) to use a cottage on his Delaware property.

According to the newspaper, Biden received a total of $171,600 from 2011 to 2017, and has not received any since becoming president. Trump had already received Biden's lifetime total by his third month as ex-president, according to the Post.

In a 2019 interview, Eric Trump claimed that the Trump Organization charged the Secret Service "like $50 per night."

Trump did not respond to a request for comment from the Washington Post.

After his term expired, the former president extended Secret Service protection to 13 family members and at least three of his top appointees for another six months.

According to an analysis by the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Eric Trump cost the Secret Service $140,000 in the first 30 days following Biden's Jan. 20 inauguration. This does not include charges at Trump properties in Bedminster, Palm Beach, Florida, and Briarcliff, New York.

According to The Daily Beast, former Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, a multimillionaire, has taken the Secret Service on several international trips, costing taxpayers approximately $75,000 in hotel bills alone.

The Washington Post article can be found in its entirety here, and the CREW report can be found here.

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