Home Posts The Arizona Secretary Of State Has Requested An Investigation Into Alleged Trump Election Meddling.
The Arizona Secretary Of State Has Requested An Investigation Into Alleged Trump Election Meddling.
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The Arizona Secretary Of State Has Requested An Investigation Into Alleged Trump Election Meddling.

Arizona's secretary of state has requested a criminal investigation into whether former President Donald Trump and his political allies attempted to illegally influence the 2020 election results in the days before Congress certified President Joe Biden's victory.

Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) said in a letter to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich (R) on Wednesday that there were “clear efforts to induce supervisors to refuse to comply with their duties.”

Hobbs cites text messages and phone calls to Republican members of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors as evidence of Trump's campaign's efforts to prevent certification in key battleground states.

Local reporting recently revealed intense efforts to interfere with the tabulation of ballots and canvass of the 2020 election in Maricopa County, which is a felony in Arizona. Today, I asked @GeneralBrnovich to investigate. pic.twitter.com/qSFytrrll7 — Secretary Katie Hobbs (@SecretaryHobbs) July 7, 2021

“Arizona law protects election officials from those who would seek to interfere with their sacred duties to ascertain and certify the will of the voters,” Hobbs wrote in her letter, which was shared on Twitter. “I urge you to take action not only to seek justice in this instance, but to prevent future attempts to interfere with the integrity of our elections.

Hobbs, a Democrat, is running for governor next year, while Brnovich, a Republican and vocal critic of Biden, is running for the U.S. Senate.

Hobbs’ request cited The Arizona Republic reporting, which obtained public records of phone calls and text messages from Trump and his political allies following the election.

Clint Hickman, chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, said Trump called him twice but he didn't answer, and he sent the calls to voicemail because he expected Trump to try to pressure him to change the election results or discuss election conspiracies with him.

On Jan. 2, one day before calling Hickman again, Trump was recorded calling Georgia's secretary of state and requesting that the state's vote be recalculated so that Trump could win.

“I'm not going to tape a president, so I'm not going to talk to a president.... I didn't want a very rough call to my home on a Sunday night,” Hickman explained to the Republic about his decision not to accept the calls.

Kelli Ward, the chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party, also sent text messages to election supervisors instructing them to “stop counting ballots.”

“We have four years to support you guys politically, and we will, because you are the only thing that stands between integrity and theft,” she said in a text message to Republican Supervisor Jack Sellers.

Trump's then-attorney Rudy Giuliani also left voicemail messages for several GOP supervisors.

“If you get a chance, would you please give me a call?” Giuliani asked in a message to Supervisor Bill Gates. “I have a few things I’d like to talk about with you. Maybe we can get this thing fixed up. You know, I really think it’s a shame that Republicans are both in this kind of situation. And I think there may be a nice way to resolve this for everybody.”

On Thursday, Katie Conner, a spokesperson for Brnovich's office, told Stardia that the office had received the letter from the secretary of state but had no further comment at this time.

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