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'Sponsored By Sharpie,' Fox Plans New Weather Channel, And Criticism, Jokes Flew
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'Sponsored By Sharpie,' Fox Plans New Weather Channel, And Criticism, Jokes Flew

The New York Times reported Wednesday that media mogul Rupert Murdoch is planning to launch a weather forecasting channel, Fox Weather, later this year.

People are concerned, given Murdoch's other Fox outlets' right-wing spin, particularly Fox News, whose personalities have frequently denied the existence of the climate crisis.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes said Wednesday that he was “hard-pressed to think of anyone worse” to run a weather channel than Murdoch, warning that he “will try to do for the world’s climate what he has done for American democracy: deny it, undermine it, and lead it to the brink of destruction.”

Click here to watch the video:

Media Matters for America, a media watchdog group, responded with this video of Fox News personalities denying global warming:

There is no reason to trust Fox Weather after years of climate denial https://t.co/ggH1kQq5IN pic.twitter.com/V2WAFJrmOB — Media Matters (@mmfa) July 6, 2021

Alexandra Petri, a Washington Post columnist, created a spoof programming list for the new channel, which includes shows like "Worst Weather Moments of the Obama Administration" and "Static Shots of Trump Golf Courses Where the Weather Is Very Nice."

Twitter users also chimed in, with many referencing so-called Sharpie-gate, in which then-President Donald Trump held up a map of Hurricane Dorian's projected path that appeared to have been crudely edited with a marker pen in 2019:

Is the Fox weather channel going to tell its angry, elderly white viewers that critical race theory is the true cause of bad weather? That would be on brand. #CRTismakingithot — Joy-Ann (Pro-Democracy) Reid (@JoyAnnReid) July 7, 2021

Fox is launching a weather channel, and some claim they hired the best meteorologist. pic.twitter.com/OptvFxYHwd — Jesus Fucking Christ (@SHEsus__Christ) July 6, 2021

Dianna Cowern (@thephysicsgirl) July 7, 2021 pic.twitter.com/keCcOF1nSE

— Jon Shomo (@JonShomo) July 6, 2021

Fox Weather: a place where every dangerous storm is liberal and every sunny day is conservative. https://t.co/9QCNLGQG8P — Howard Sherman (@HESherman) July 6, 2021

WEATHER CHANNEL: cloudyFOX WEATHER: why is AOC blocking the sun from white people? https://t.co/u2GDv8I7M5 — Ben Rosen (@ben_rosen) July 6, 2021

I turned on Fox Weather, but all I saw was a Doppler radar spinning indefinitely to the right — TrivWorks (@TrivWorks) July 6, 2021

— John Fugelsang (@JohnFugelsang) July 6, 2021

Sharpie is sponsoring this event. Executive markers for executive marks. — atrick Huss (@patrickhuss) July 6, 2021

Rupert Murdoch is getting ready to launch a new TV channel called “Fox Weather,” where the forecast will always be “Sunny and white today with a 100% chance of Jesus.” — Lee Mays (@OriginalLeeMays) July 6, 2021

Can't wait for Fox Weather: "We know it's -29 degrees out, but you don't need to wear a jacket. God will protect you!" — Brian O'Sullivan (@osullivanauthor) July 6, 2021

Along with Fox Weather, Murdoch is considering Fox Medical, which will include special reports such as "Who Is Behind 'Medicine'? Is It All a Hoax?" and "Dying From So-Called 'Preventable Diseases': The Truest Form of Patriotism." — Rex Huppke (@RexHuppke) July 6, 2021

Fox Weather has hired its first meteorologist. pic.twitter.com/xb28ObFN3f — JRock (@zeroslack1) July 6, 2021

During indoctrination, all forecasters receive a @Sharpie. — (((Adam Engle))) (@AdamSEngle) July 6, 2021

"Red States: sunny, with a beautiful day to enjoy your fellow people,,, go have a wonderful picnic!" "Blue States: overcast, for the 375th day, with yet more fires, looting, and a terrible storm still brewing..." — Hockey, Dogs, Music, Nature (@shadowcaver) July 6, 2021

"The World Meteorological Organization has named the storm Elsa, but we've dubbed it the "Radical woke socialist communist cancel culture Hunter Biden's laptop." — Tyler Durden (@TylerDyler_420) July 6, 2021

tfw fox is launching a weather channel pic.twitter.com/viDBppvUs1 — Dave Itzkoff (@ditzkoff) July 6, 2021

A non-science believing weather station!? — Gedsudski (@Gedsudski) July 6, 2021

Stormfront will be covered extensively by Fox Weather — Steve Ferra (@AbPow) July 6, 2021

A sneak peek at Fox News' new weather channel forecast. pic.twitter.com/FMr2E4GPKg — Peter Gleick (@PeterGleick) July 6, 2021

Finally, a weather channel that tells you what you want to hear https://t.co/YcahmJwWpK — Catherine Rampell (@crampell) July 6, 2021

"I'm reporting live from a sunny beachfront, don't believe the left-wing snowstorm media," says Fox Weather. https://t.co/0IkugW6RkR pic.twitter.com/QtldMadZHs — Oliver Willis (@owillis) July 6, 2021

“Next up on Fox Weather: why are hurricanes teaching kids about Critical Race Theory? Then: climate change is just another example of cancel culture gone woke!” https://t.co/z8aub0EsiD — Chuck Wendig (@ChuckWendig) July 6, 2021

FOX Weather ForecastsRed States – Sunny, perfect weather all year. Blue States – Cold and miserable. — Mark Gray (@rich29uk) July 6, 2021

No one could have predicted how much this would do for climate action #FoxWeather https://t.co/SOEl970DNP — Tara Dublin, Untapped Writing Goldmine #SignTara (@taradublinrocks) July 7, 2021

"As you can see, the climate is actually very normal and good." — James Gordon (@James_J_Gordon) July 6, 2021

Tomorrow, there's a 90% chance of ANTIFA storms, which will disrupt your Trümp reinstallation plans — Patchouli Ignorance (@Fruityfruit6) July 6, 2021

Meanwhile, in dystopian news, Fox News is reportedly launching a 24-hour weather channel. Want to bet it'll be a bunch of shouty people telling boomers that when the snow is on fire, it's definitely NOT climate change?https://t.co/oknT6vpdDM — Emily Hersh (@LithiumPodcast) July 6, 2021

Weather reporting is heavily reliant on the presentation of verifiable facts, which is new territory for Fox. — James (@JFraser58309672) July 6, 2021

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