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'Friends' Monkey Trainer Calls David Schwimmer "Deplorable" Over Marcel Digs

'Friends' Monkey Trainer Calls David Schwimmer "Deplorable" Over Marcel Digs

The trainer of "Friends'" Marcel the monkey has reacted to David Schwimmer's remarks about the animal during the sitcom's recent TV reunion.

Mike Morris, who trained the two capuchin monkeys who played Ross Geller's pets on the show, Katie and Monkey, called the actor "despicable" for saying he didn't enjoy working with the animals.

During a Q&A segment during the "Friends" reunion, Schwimmer stated that "the monkey" was his least favorite part of the show.

Schwimmer claimed that the monkeys not only disrupted the cast's well-choreographed takes, but that his handler would feed them live bugs during filming, and they would then wipe their dirty hands on him.

“I'd have monkey grubby hands all over, and it was time for Marcel to fuck off,” the actor said.

Morris responded to Schwimmer's remarks by telling The Sun newspaper on Tuesday, "I just don't agree with it, if anything he threw off their timing if we're being honest."

“Schwimmer was fine with the monkeys for the first couple of episodes and happy to be there,” he continued, “but people would laugh at the monkey and I think he got jealous because he wasn’t getting the laughs.”

Morris claimed that the actor became "a little bitter" about the presence of the monkeys and refused to rehearse scenes with them.

“It got to the point where he just really resented the monkey being there, he obviously had a problem with her and he's still talking about it now,” he went on.

Monkey, one of the animals who played Marcel, died of cancer recently, and Morris accused Schwimmer of "speaking ill of the dead" when he made those remarks.

“I find it despicable that he is still disparaging her,” he added.

David Schwimmer's representatives have been contacted for comment, according to Stardia UK.

Marcel the monkey first appeared on “Friends” in the first season, and he left when he reached sexual maturity and was accepted by the San Diego Zoo.

Marcel went on to have a film career, appearing alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme in the season two episode "The One After The Super Bowl."

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