Home Posts Fearful White Supremacists Flee After The Philadelphia March Fails To Go As Planned.
Fearful White Supremacists Flee After The Philadelphia March Fails To Go As Planned.
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Fearful White Supremacists Flee After The Philadelphia March Fails To Go As Planned.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, a white supremacist group based in Texas attempted to march on Philadelphia, but was forced to celebrate the holiday in the Confederate manner.

“They literally ran away from the people of Philadelphia,” said Michael Crum, a Philadelphia police officer, to local ABC affiliate WPVI.

.DEVELOPING: The white supremacist group "Patriot Front" marched through the streets of Philadelphia late last night and early this morning, prompting a response from the Philadelphia Police Department. Officers say no one in the group was from Philadelphia, and the group is based in Fort Worth, Texas. Updates @6abc pic.twitter.com/vPYbcczFtO — Gray Hall (@GrayHall6abc) July 4, 2021

According to NBC Philadelphia, approximately 200 masked and khaki-clad members of the Patriot Front organization, which the Southern Poverty Law Center lists as a white nationalist hate group, marched on the city Saturday night.

According to the station, they chanted about the election and "reclaim America," pushed and shoved people, and stole a reporter's cellphone.

However, as more residents arrived, the boldness faded.

10 patriot front fashies chased away by 2 randos in Philly*pathetic* pic.twitter.com/045Tqg0zFw — professor of critical wraith theory (@IAmGryphoneer) July 4, 2021

“They began engaging with Philadelphia residents, who were none too pleased with what they were saying,” Crum told WPVI. “These males felt threatened, and at one point, someone in their crowd threw a type of smoke bomb to cover their retreat.”

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney was "appalled" that the group chose his city for their protest.

“While we respect everyone’s right to free speech, our administration opposes everything these groups stand for,” he wrote on Twitter, adding, “Racism, intolerance, and hatred have no place here.”

More footage of the white supremacist group Patriot Front attempting to protect themselves from being beaten up in #Philly #PullUpSummer pic.twitter.com/wPWsV8OFPJ — Tariq Nasheed (@tariqnasheed) July 4, 2021

Photos and videos from the scene show them fleeing in Penske box trucks, including images taken by a Philadelphia Inquirer photographer.

When another member of the white supremacist group pulled down the truck's roll-up door, slamming him in the head, one of the white supremacists was hit and fell:

https://twitter.com/2pWgmLQcD5 — Abdul-Aliy (@MxAbdulAliy) July 4, 2021

Police pulled over the vehicles and were seen questioning, frisking, and detaining members of the group.

However, police told NBC Philadelphia that no arrests were made, and no injuries or property damage were reported.

According to one local activist, police did not do enough to prevent white supremacists from attacking bystanders.

“It is clear that when Black people and our accomplices and allies organize in the streets, they are met with a different kind of response from police,” Abdul-Aliy Muhammad told the Inquirer.

According to Shira Goodman, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, her organization will investigate to ensure that the group did not receive preferential treatment from the police.

According to ProPublica, Patriot Front is the “nation’s most active white supremacist group.”

According to the organization, the group was founded following the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017.

Nothing like taking your kids to Philadelphia for the Fourth of July and running into literal Nazis. These scumbags are members of the Patriot Front. That may or may not be my kids and I joining a growing crowd yelling at the spineless dickholes and chasing them away from City Hall. #fucknazis pic.twitter.com/bqYviUq1Bd — Not Today (@SunnyDelight888) July 4, 2021

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