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Bennifer: The Redux? Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Are Hanging Out Again.
Jennifer Lopez

Bennifer: The Redux? Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Are Hanging Out Again.

In news that goes down smoother than an every day Dunkin' frosted espresso (additional sugar with a side of Munchkins), exceptionally single exes Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were spotted hanging out together.

The entertainer was seen being gotten and dropped off at the vocalist's Los Angeles chateau on numerous occasions before the end of last week, as indicated by photos obtained by Page Six.

Evidently, one can't just head to the artist's home, so all things being equal Affleck was carried to and fro from the Bel-Air Hotel to Lopez's locale, where he supposedly gone through a few hours.

The "Route Back" star was captured ― wearing a T-shirt bearing the name of his darling old neighborhood, normally ― with a military-style rucksack close behind, as he left a white Escalade SUV that supposedly has a place with Lopez.

Also, simply on the off chance that you thought Affleck was essentially ride-sharing his way in and out of town, Lopez was seen sitting in a similar white SUV wearing some pilot shades in other photographs from that very day.

"They have fraternized in L.A. absurd week," an anonymous source told People about the meetups. "They have a ton of adoration for one another. They have consistently respected one another."

While the stars, recently named as Bennifer, dated for just two years in the early aughts, their commitments to the way of life kept going long after their couple termination date (See: the really superb film "Gigli," song for the ages "Dear Ben," the "Jenny From the Block" music video butt-get seen 'round the world, and so on)

Every one of these years after the fact, both are closely following public separations. Affleck split from his pandemic-period sweetheart Ana de Armas in January, while Lopez and Alex Rodriguez canceled their commitment following four years together in April.

In this way, normally, the web has been pushing hard for a Bennifer gathering in 2021. While neither has openly remarked on the bits of hearsay, they haven't done a lot to scatter the idea that things may be warming up once more.

Simply a month ago, Affleck spouted about Lopez's looks in a coy meeting for InStyle, lauding the multi-hyphenate performer as "the most diligent individual I've gone over around here."

"Where are you keeping the wellspring of youth?" he composed. "For what reason do you look equivalent to you did in 2003 and it sort of appears as though I'm in my 40s... best case scenario?"

Lopez, dismissed the commendation, writing accordingly, "Ben is interesting! He actually looks very great as well."

Also, on that note, we'll simply leave you with Busy Philipps' remark on the matter.

God almighty let it occur. https://t.co/I1LT98aDjH—Busy Philipps (@BusyPhilipps) April 30, 2021
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