Home Posts Trudeau And Biden Made A Sports Wager, And Some People Want Trump To Join In.
Trudeau And Biden Made A Sports Wager, And Some People Want Trump To Join In.
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Trudeau And Biden Made A Sports Wager, And Some People Want Trump To Join In.

President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had some lighthearted sports banter about the Stanley Cup Finals.

Trudeau, a Montreal Canadiens fan, suggested making his team's best-of-seven playoff series against the Tampa Bay Lightning more interesting with this tweet for Biden:

Two of the best teams in the NHL are currently battling it out... how about a friendly wager, @POTUS? #GoHabsGo #StanleyCup — Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau) June 29, 2021

Biden, or whoever was in charge of the official @POTUS Twitter account at the time, responded:

#GoBolts https://t.co/jOhA7IB2bE — President Biden (@POTUS) June 29, 2021

Former President Barack Obama was forced to hand over cases of beer to then-Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper after both of them lost similar hockey wagers while in office.

However, Biden's prospects are already brighter than those of his predecessor. The Lightning won the first game of the series 5-1, and the second game is scheduled for Wednesday.

It is unclear what the couple will wager.

Twitter users, on the other hand, had some suggestions, some of which involved former President Donald Trump:

We must adopt Canada's healthcare system if we win. — Skititlez (@Skititlez) June 29, 2021

Joe would have told us that no one knows hockey like him. — beer4me62 (@Beer4me62) June 29, 2021

If Montreal wins, Trump will be sent to you — Rich Murphy (@richmurphy1978) June 29, 2021

— George Sotiropoulos (@gsot626) June 29, 2021

@JustinTrudeau Canada wins, and the US adopts Canada's health-care system. America wins, and Canada opens the border back up, like, even past the "open" of pre-COVID. Like 70s Vietnam-era open. Let's make this fun — super nintendo chalmers (@zanysatsuma) June 29, 2021

If the Habs win, Canada gets Hawaii; if the Bolts win, we get Bieber back. — Brennan fully vaccinated Leffler (@brennanleffler) June 29, 2021

The loser must randomly release one classified dossier https://t.co/UbSTzpxQbJ — Justin Ling (@Justin_Ling) June 29, 2021

If the Canadians win, the US will give them Alaska, Texas, and Florida... — Richard Manso (@RichardManso3) June 29, 2021

We get their health care if they lose. https://t.co/DD4PdCPsWE — Hemant Mehta (@hemantmehta) June 29, 2021

Tony X (@soIoucity) June 29, 2021 https://t.co/P5r1dgQFji

“BREAKING NEWS: President wagers nation on hockey game” — Jeff Kaminski (@jkam92) June 29, 2021

Foreign leaders tweeting at each other in a normal manner. Nice. https://t.co/p0YvZIWX4M — Chris D. Jackson (@ChrisDJackson) June 29, 2021

What is the bet? Texas? — Jake from State Farm 2.0 (@RIPMSM) June 29, 2021

It's refreshing to see the President of the United States and Canada make a friendly wager over sports, which has been missing for the past four years. Fun, compassion, and leadership are back in the White House — Chrissi Nielsen (@NielsenChrissi) June 29, 2021

Winging It In Motown (@wingingitmotown) June 29, 2021 https://t.co/WutzorXXAi

Can I just say, this is such a welcome sight!!! Neighbors getting along like neighbors should!!! Love our neighbors to the north!!! — Nicole Ratliff (@djnikki85) June 29, 2021

Does losing mean that Canada will provide us with universal healthcare? https://t.co/4jWeLadWop — Scott Matla (@scottmatla) June 29, 2021

I had a flashback to 2020 and thought, that guy has no knowledge of sports, especially hockey! Then I remembered, no, Uncle Joe is now POTUS and he knows, he knows. — Captain America's shieldmaiden (@JediTigger) June 29, 2021

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