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Jamie Lynn Spears Speaks Out In Support Of Sister Britney Spears: 'I'm So Proud'
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Jamie Lynn Spears Speaks Out In Support Of Sister Britney Spears: 'I'm So Proud'

Jamie Lynn Spears broke her silence about Britney Spears' conservatorship battle, posting an emotional series of videos on her Instagram Story about how proud she is of her sibling.

Britney Spears made horrific allegations of abuse in that hearing, and demanded that the court release her from the conservatorship that has given her father, Jamie Spears, control of her life and finances since 2008. The 30-year-old posted on Monday after being widely chastised for not speaking out about her sister's impassioned plea to a court last week.

The younger Spears says she "wanted to take a second to address a few things" in her Instagram posts, which were made just days after she disabled comments on her account due to fan hostility.

“The only reason I haven’t before is because I felt like it wasn’t my place and it wasn’t the right thing to do until my sister was able to speak for herself and say what she felt she needed to say publicly,” Jamie Lynn explained. “But now that she’s very clearly spoken and said what she needed to say, I feel like I can follow her lead and say what I feel I need to say.”

Jamie Lynn Spears responds to Britney's conservatorship testimony in newly shared Instagram stories: "I think it's extremely clear that since the day I was born, I've only loved, adored, and supported my sister... I have nothing to gain or lose... This situation does not affect me" pic.twitter.com/Symqw4zPYw — Pop Crave (@PopCrave) June 28, 2021

The former "Zoey 101" star stated that she has "only loved, adored, and supported" her sister her entire life.

“I don't care if she wants to run away to the rainforest and have a zillion babies in the middle of nowhere, or if she wants to come back and dominate the world the way she has so many times before, because I have nothing to gain or lose either way,” she said.

Jamie Lynn admitted, through tears, that "maybe I didn't support her the way the public would like me to, with a hashtag on a public platform."

“But I can assure you that I have supported my sister long before there was a hashtag, and I will continue to support her long after,” she added. “I’ve worked since I was nine years old, and I’ve paid my own freakin’ bills since I was ten. Not that I owe the public anything, because my sister knows I love and support her. That’s the only person I owe anything to. I’m not my family. I am my own person.

“If any of the conservatorship is flying to Mars or whatever the hell else she wants to do to be happy, I support that 100% because I support my sister,” she said. “I love my sister, always have, always will, as long as she’s happy, so let’s keep praying.”

Britney Spears described the abuse she allegedly endured for years in a 20-minute address to a Los Angeles courtroom last week, claiming that "this conservatorship is doing me way more harm than good."

She claimed she was forced to take lithium and was told she couldn't go to a doctor to have a birth control device removed so she could become pregnant.

“I deserve to have a life. I’ve worked my whole life. I deserve to take a two- to three-year break and just, you know, do what I want to do,” the singer concluded. “I feel ganged up on, and I feel bullied, and I feel left out and alone. And I’m tired of feeling alone. I deserve to have the same rights as anybody by having a child, a family, or any of those things.”

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