Home Posts Courteney Cox Recalls A Hilarious Moment From Being In The 'Friends' Fountain
Courteney Cox Recalls A Hilarious Moment From Being In The 'Friends' Fountain
Ellen DeGeneres

Courteney Cox Recalls A Hilarious Moment From Being In The 'Friends' Fountain

Courteney Cox needs "Companions" fans to know: The photographs and recordings of the cast hanging out in the acclaimed wellspring in the initial scene were not close to as enjoyable to shoot as they look.

The entertainer plunked down with Ellen DeGeneres this week to talk about an assortment of things, including the eagerly awaited "Companions" gathering. Cox remained generally mum about the goings-on inside the unscripted gathering, just sharing that the experience of reuniting with the cast after over 10 years and a half was "mind blowing" and "so passionate."

DeGeneres showed Cox a depiction of her and her previous co-stars from their days on set. The photograph included the six "Companions" inside the wellspring found in the initial credits for the show and apparently suffering a heart attack, yet fun time.

Upon the host asking Cox whose thought it was to get into the wellspring, Cox didn't spare a moment in saying: "Well, it unquestionably wasn't mine."

"We were in that wellspring for a long time. I don't have a clue who ... Someone believed that would simply be truly fun, and let me mention to you what occurs — it's terrible to move in a wellspring for quite a long time," she went on.

Cox at that point reviewed a really ideal joke from Matthew Perry during the wellspring shoot (and, trust us, in the event that you close your eyes, you can assuredly hear him saying it): "I recall Matthew Perry saying at a certain point, and we didn't have a clue about one another that well by then. However, I recall, and this is so Matthew, yet he resembled, 'Can't recollect a period that I wasn't in this wellspring.'"

DeGeneres jested that it shouldn't have taken almost that long to film and had she been on set, she'd have had them all through the wellspring rapidly. Cox at that point added that while she was shooting, she and the remainder of the cast "were actually similar to, 'How much longer are we going to profess to cherish moving in water?' But it was fun, yet not actually."

You can watch the whole portion above.
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