Home Posts The Brother Of A Slain Teen Informs The Court About A Photograph Of His Father Eating Feces.
The Brother Of A Slain Teen Informs The Court About A Photograph Of His Father Eating Feces.

The Brother Of A Slain Teen Informs The Court About A Photograph Of His Father Eating Feces.

DENVER (AP) — The older brother of a 13-year-old boy who went missing in Colorado in 2012 confronted his father about photos of him eating feces from a diaper months before his younger sibling went missing, according to the boy's brother, who testified Thursday.

The father, Mark Redwine, is on trial for the murder of his son, Dylan Redwine, who went missing during a court-ordered visit during his Thanksgiving break in the Vallecito area near Durango, authorities said. Mark Redwine told investigators he left his son alone at home to run errands and returned to find him missing, according to The Denver Post.

Prosecutors argued this week that Mark Redwine killed his son over photographs that sparked a fatal outrage. The photos, which the two boys accidentally discovered on their father's computer during a road trip in 2011, depict Mark Redwine wearing women's underwear and a diaper, and eating feces from a diaper.

While their father slept, the siblings viewed the photographs in a locked bathroom, and Cory took his own photographs to save on his phone.

During cross-examination, Cory Redwine admitted to sending copies of the compromising photos to his father in August 2012, while Dylan and Mark Redwine were alone on a trip together; despite the texting confrontation between Cory and Mark Redwine, Dylan was not harmed on that trip.

According to text messages revealed in court on Thursday, Cory called his father a "(expletive)-eating coward" and said "you are what you eat."

According to public defender John Moran, Mark Redwine texted back, "not to hurt Dylan," and also called Cory a thief for taking the photos and said he was "trying to hurt him" like his mother, who was in a custody battle with him at the time.

Cory testified on Wednesday that Dylan's relationship with and image of his father were ruined by the unintentional discovery of photos.

Cory Redwine explained, "Dylan lost any reason for him to look up to Mark that day."

On Monday, special deputy district attorney Fred Johnson suggested that Dylan Redwine may have mentioned or shown the photographs to his father on the night he was killed, causing his father to become violent.

The photos have no connection to Dylan Redwine's death, according to Mark Redwine's defense attorneys, and the boy ran away from home, according to the boy's remains, which were discovered a few miles away from his father's house in 2013.

Cory Redwine told the court that his younger brother was "pretty disgusted," and that he planned to use the photos as leverage in a year-long argument with his father.

According to court documents, Dylan Redwine texted his older brother in August 2012, “Hey send me those poop pics of Papa because he gave me a speech about you guys being a bad example and I want to show him who he really is.”

Cory Redwine testified that he did not send the photos, and it was unclear whether his brother confronted his father about them.

Elaine Hall, the brothers' mother, testified Wednesday that she sent Dylan Redwine to his father's house on Nov. 18, 2012, learned he was missing the next day, and immediately drove six hours to La Plata County to look for him. Hall also testified during cross-examination that she had no knowledge of her son confronting his father about the photos.

According to text messages, Hall suspected her ex-husband wasn't telling the whole truth about Dylan's disappearance almost immediately after learning of his disappearance at 6:35 p.m.

“He would not have just left,” she wrote. “He would have called me. I am so suspicious of you right now. How could he just disappear?”


Justin Bogan, Hall's public defender, questioned her about her suspicions of Mark Redwine, implying that her view was tainted by their contentious divorce and custody battle.

Hall appeared on the “Dr. Phil” television show in 2013 and made her suspicions about the father public, according to Bogan, who also claims Hall swayed public opinion against her ex-husband and influenced the direction of the police investigation.

Hall, on the other hand, defended her actions, saying she spoke with the media and attended a protest at Mark Redwine's house in an attempt to bring Dylan home.

“I was frantic,” she explained, “it was so surreal. You don’t expect anything like this to happen to you. I figured he was safe because he was with his father, and I was devastated that no one knew where my son was.”

Mark Redwine was arrested after a grand jury indicted him in July 2017. He has pleaded not guilty.

He was charged with second-degree murder and child abuse that resulted in death, and if convicted, he could face up to 48 years in prison.


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