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Biden Suggests A Relaunch Of The Fight Against State-Led Voter Restrictions
Joe Biden

Biden Suggests A Relaunch Of The Fight Against State-Led Voter Restrictions

Just over a day after Republicans blocked debate on a bill to improve and protect voting access at the federal level, President Joe Biden said he will continue to warn about Republican attacks on democracy at the state level.

“What these guys are trying to do now, in rough approximation, is say that if we don’t like how the vote turned out and we control the state legislature, we’re going to say the vote didn’t count and we’re going to recount,” Biden said Thursday.

“That has never happened before, and it is wrong,” he continued. “Who in God’s name, as my mother would say, died and left them boss? Your vote has to count when you cast it.”

Republicans in statehouses across the country have introduced over 250 bills aimed at making it more difficult for people to vote, a strategy that effectively allows politicians to choose their voters rather than the other way around.

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Many of these efforts have concentrated on swing states lost by Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, emboldened by Trump's persistent lie that he won the election when, in fact, he lost by more than 7 million votes.

In Georgia, where Trump unsuccessfully pressed Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger to "find" him enough votes to overturn the result, Republicans passed a broad measure in March that will disproportionately affect Black voters.

“The legislature in Georgia could decide, ‘That election wasn’t fair, so we’re going to vote to say it doesn’t count,’” Biden warned. “It’s wrong, plain and simple wrong, and borderline immoral.”

Texas, Florida, Michigan, and Arizona have all introduced legislation to restrict access.

“This isn’t just about whether or not you can provide water to someone standing in line while they’re waiting to vote,” Biden said, referring to one provision of the new Georgia law. “It’s about who gets to decide whether your vote counts after it’s been cast.”

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