Home Posts The Trailer For Netflix's New Dating Show "Sexy Beasts" Is Pure Nightmare Fuel
The Trailer For Netflix's New Dating Show "Sexy Beasts" Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

The Trailer For Netflix's New Dating Show "Sexy Beasts" Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

Join us at the bottom (or top, depending on who you ask) of culture to enjoy the results of a Netflix brainstorming session gone horribly wrong.

The first trailer for the upcoming reality series "Sexy Beasts" shows real-life singles finding love while wearing cutting-edge prosthetics that transform them into shockingly realistic pandas, devils, beavers, and dolphins, complete with a complementary blowhole.

The new reality dating series, which is set to premiere on the streaming service on July 21, aims to reinvent the blind date by asking, "Would you fall in love with someone based solely on personality?" under the most unusual circumstances.

Each episode will follow a single person who is paired with three potential love interests, all of whom are wearing Hollywood-level makeup and prosthetics. After a series of dates, the contestant will choose their match without seeing the person's real face, which will be revealed after the final decision.

According to Variety, the game will be narrated by “Catastrophe” star Rob Delaney, and the series has already been given a two-season order, with another batch of episodes set to be released later this year. To craft the jaw-dropping looks, the show has tapped prosthetics master Kristyan Mallett, who has worked on the “Mission Impossible” franchise and Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s

“Sexy Beasts” is based on a British series of the same name, which aired in 2014 and has since been adapted and broadcast in a number of countries following the success of the “Masked Singer” franchise.

Netflix, of course, has recently cornered the market with out-of-the-box reality TV show concepts such as "Love Is Blind," which requires singles to date without ever seeing each other, and "Too Hot to Handle," which forbids contestants from having any sexual contact for several weeks.

Following the release of the trailer, social media was flooded with a flurry (furry?) of reactions to the series, with some expressing genuine excitement about the absurd premise and one person writing, "This is why we deserve the meteor."

Okay, that's it. Hollywood's furry agenda is real. https://t.co/fUku0CF462 — hasanabi (@hasanthehun) June 23, 2021

https://t.co/GLSolybRwP — David Mack (@davidmackau) June 23, 2021

I've never been more pumped for a show in my life. https://t.co/Wr0R39bsDd — R. Eric Thomas (@oureric) June 23, 2021

This is why we are deserving of the meteor. https://t.co/YUo58TWdll — Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) June 23, 2021

“Oh no! I can't tell if the thin, certainly conventionally attractive, able bodied woman beneath the dolphin mask is a 9 or a 10!”This isn't on "personality alone," Netflix, but go ahead and dismiss it. https://t.co/pi3sUp3d8K — Kendall Youens (@kendallybrown) June 23, 2021

You know what, this is one of the few times I'm okay with a lack of LGBTQ representation in a show. https://t.co/tZwRsTnCWz — Eric Crumrine (@ECrumrine) June 23, 2021

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