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Personal Income Increased Due To COVID-19 Rescue Plans Across The U.S.

Personal Income Increased Due To COVID-19 Rescue Plans Across The U.S.

According to government data released Tuesday, two coronavirus relief bills passed by Congress boosted personal income across the country.

According to nonpartisan Bureau of Economic Analysis data, personal income increased at a 59.7% annual rate in the first three months of 2021, with some of the largest gains occurring in states where Republican senators voted against legislation that would have sent a $1,400 coronavirus relief check to an overwhelming majority of Americans.

Almost all of the growth in personal income during the first three months of the year was a result of the two coronavirus relief packages, which combined to transfer an additional $2.3 trillion into the pockets of Americans. The first, passed in the waning days of President Donald Trump's administration on a bipartisan basis, sent $600 checks to most Americans. The second, passed in March and supplanted the first, sent $600 checks to most Americans.

Democrats hope that the legislation, dubbed the American Rescue Plan, will remain popular and help them win over working-class voters and avoid midterm defeats. Party strategists plan to portray Republicans as hypocritical for touting the benefits to their states.

Indeed, according to the BEA's state-by-state data, many of the states with the highest personal income gains are represented by Republican senators and representatives who voted against the plan.

Six of the ten states with the greatest increases in personal income have two Republican senators: Utah (74% growth), Oklahoma (75%), Arkansas (81%), Mississippi (89%), Alabama (79%), and Kentucky (83.4%). Two states have a Republican senator and a Democrat: Maine (75%) and West Virginia (88%), and the final two, New Mexico (77%) and Michigan (80%), have two Democratic senators.

The majority of the states with the smallest personal income gains were solidly blue: California, Washington, New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Connecticut all have two Democratic senators, while North Dakota and South Dakota were the only two states with Republican senators among the ten with the smallest gains.

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