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Rachel Lindsay Reveals 'Bachelor' Moments Producers Didn't Show So She Could Be Bachelorette
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Rachel Lindsay Reveals 'Bachelor' Moments Producers Didn't Show So She Could Be Bachelorette

Rachel Lindsay has opened up about her time on Bachelor Nation, revealing in a new article that some scenes on set were purposefully cut out to create a more compelling narrative for her to become the first Black "Bachelorette."

The Texas lawyer, who appeared on both “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” spoke to Vulture about parting ways with the franchise in the wake of several race-related scandals, most notably host Chris Harrison stepping down after defending a contestant accused of racism.

She described the role she knew she had to play on a team dominated by white people.

“I couldn’t be like the previous Bachelorettes — someone still living at home with her parents, who had ‘pageant queen’ on her résumé,” she explained. “I was a lawyer. My father was a federal judge. I had a squeaky-clean record. I had to be a good Black girl, an exceptional Black girl. I had to be someone the viewer could accept. And I was a token until I made sure I wasn’t.”

The 36-year-old stated that she was taught from a young age to "speak out against injustices."

“It was the same with Bachelor Nation, and I don’t think they saw it coming,” she said of her experience.

Lindsay was also candid about how she felt viewers of her season were robbed of seeing her get a happy ending because of how runner-up Peter Kraus was portrayed in comparison to Bryan Abasolo, whom she ultimately chose and married in 2019. Lindsay also stated that it was "extremely upsetting" to her that producers told her she "had to ration the Black men" during her season as "Bachelorette" because t

Lindsay revealed in one section of the interview how the producers cut footage from her appearance on Nick Viall's season of "The Bachelor" to prepare her for the role of "The Bachelorette."

She described a scene with Vanessa Grimaldi, whom Viall eventually chose as the winner, in which the two were forced to discuss their differences. According to Lindsay, Grimaldi did not make as many friends in the house as she did because Grimaldi liked Viall "so much she couldn't hear about how he kissed another woman."

When the two women sat down to talk it out, Grimaldi accused Lindsay of bullying her, and Lindsay insisted that she knew right away that "my Blackness was on display."

“I knew the audience was going to see me as an angry Black female,” she explained, before describing a scene in which Grimaldi claimed Lindsay had ostracized her.

“I never raised my voice because I was aware of what was going on. When she started crying, I knew, This is going to be bad. She's crying; I'm not. I'm going to look cold. We didn't come to any kind of agreement,” she explained.

Lindsay said she told producers after the discussion, "You don't understand what it's like to be a Black woman in this house full of white people and have a white woman cry in your face and call you a bully."

Lindsay claims that this was just one instance when producers shielded her from being shown on television.

“Another time, I'd had two mixed drinks and was completely wasted. Astrid was holding my hair back in the bathroom. (I drunkenly told her, 'You are my only real friend.') They could have brought cameras in there. They didn't,” she explained.

Many fans of the franchise, particularly Lindsay, have expressed their support for her candor in the interview on social media, emphasizing that they "stand" with her:

Rachel Lindsay is a force to be reckoned with, and I'm glad she's finished with her bachelor contract so she can speak freely about the f*ckery. Only good things for her.https://t.co/i9jraO409t — elena (@elenaiswriting) June 21, 2021

This article by @TheRachLindsay is beyond words! Thank you for continuing to speak truth to power in the face of many attempts to silence you. We stand with you. https://t.co/B0OXEuQnLm — Ashley T (@AshTalksBach) June 21, 2021

This piece perfectly illustrates why I respect and support Rachel Lindsay: https://t.co/z9P8aVYS6j (As told to @vulture) — Esther Lee (@theestherlee) June 21, 2021

Lindsay's entire piece can be found on Vulture.

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