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The Golf Stars' Feud Continues At The United States Open

The Golf Stars' Feud Continues At The United States Open

They're like a putter Hatfield and McCoy.

The rivalry between golfers Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau may have escalated at the US Open in La Jolla, California.

DeChambeau was seen jumping up and waving his arm behind Koepka as he did an interview with the Golf Channel's Todd Lewis on Thursday.

This couple... pic.twitter.com/uhALVzFx3e — Fore Play (@ForePlayPod) June 18, 2021

For the uninitiated, tension is rising between the two. “We just don’t like each other,” Koepka previously stated, according to ESPN.

During another interview at the PGA Championship, Koepka launched a four-letter word rant as a yapping DeChambeau passed by. DeChambeau's spikes grated against the ground, prompting Koepka to close his eyes in contempt.

DeChambeau told ESPN on Thursday that he was just having fun with his latest needling of Koepka, perhaps in a passive-aggressive kind of way.

It is not necessary to be a golf fan to appreciate the rivalry.

DeChambeau body-shamed Koepka for his lack of abdominal definition, and Koepka fired back with a nice dig using his trophies as props. He also joked about DeChambeau muscling up on steroids after he snapped at a cameraman.

The feud wouldn't be as important if the two weren't so good. Koepka, a four-time major winner, is ranked 10th in the world, while DeChambeau, who won the last U.S. Open in September after bulking up during the pandemic, is ranked fifth.

After shooting a 69 on Thursday, Koepka was in fifth place, and DeChambeau was in 70th place after shooting a 73.

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