Home Posts Trump's Former Doctor, A Texas Congressman, Demands That Biden Take A Cognitive Test.
Trump's Former Doctor, A Texas Congressman, Demands That Biden Take A Cognitive Test.
Donald Trump

Trump's Former Doctor, A Texas Congressman, Demands That Biden Take A Cognitive Test.

Dr. Ronny Jackson, who served as Donald Trump's presidential physician before becoming a Republican representative from Texas in Congress, has accused President Joe Biden of cognitive decline.

On Thursday, Jackson issued a letter in which he demanded that the 77-year-old president undergo a cognitive test immediately due to "mental decline and forgetfulness."

According to the letter, all presidents should follow Trump's lead in "documenting and demonstrating sound mental abilities."

Trump famously boasted about passing a cognitive test in which he had to remember the order of five objects: “person, woman, man, camera, TV.”

“The first questions are very easy,” the president told Fox NewsChris Wallace last year, “but the last questions, like a memory question, are much more difficult.”

The test the then-president was referring to was designed to detect Alzheimer's disease rather than intelligence, and Trump's boast quickly became a joke, casting doubt on Jackson's letter.

“The American people deserve to have complete trust in their President; they deserve to know that he or she is capable of carrying out the duties of the office; and they deserve full transparency on the mental health of their highest elected leader,” the letter states.

13 other House Republicans also signed on to it.

Given the precedent set and President Biden's CLEAR mental struggles, I believe it is past time for him to take a cognitive test. I wrote him a letter to that effect! https://t.co/6RCKj7pFYd — Ronny Jackson (@RepRonnyJackson) June 17, 2021

Following his bilateral meeting with Biden on Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters that he is "of sound mind and should be taken seriously," correcting misinformation previously published by Russian media.

Following the release of the letter, many questioned Jackson's judgment. During his tenure as a White House physician, he faced multiple accusations of misconduct, including making "sexual and derogatory" comments about a female subordinate and violating the policy on drinking alcohol on presidential trips, prompting colleagues to worry about his ability to provide proper medical care.

As one might expect, Jackson's letter to Biden triggered a flood of reminiscences for snarky Twitter users.

Ronny Jackson once stated that Trump had "absolutely no cognitive or mental issues," so it's safe to say his judgment is a little shaky. https://t.co/1LDylfpmqL — Molly Jong-Fast (@MollyJongFast) June 17, 2021

Republicans in Congress have mastered the art of acting idiotic and ghoulish at the same time, even accusing President Biden of forgetting when his own mother died https://t.co/m1S3W0Jr6h — Mark Follman (@markfollman) June 17, 2021

Consider this my letter to Ronny Jackson, requesting that he take a breathalyzer test: https://t.co/AoAOd89LPy — Christopher Orr (@OrrChris) June 17, 2021

Ronny Jackson, the shameless quack who praised Trump's "incredibly good genes" and predicted he could live to 200, would have fit right in with the Brezhnev regime, diagnosing dissidents with "sluggish schizophrenia," "delusions of reformism," and other fictitious disorders. https://t.co/1kLA3cV6SV — Steve Silberman (@stevesilberman) June 17, 2021

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