Home Posts In A New Trailer, Nicolas Cage Searches For A Missing Truffle Pig.
In A New Trailer, Nicolas Cage Searches For A Missing Truffle Pig.

In A New Trailer, Nicolas Cage Searches For A Missing Truffle Pig.

“Whose pig is it?”

This is the pivotal question posed by Nicolas Cage in the new trailer for his upcoming film "Pig."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the drama follows an Oregonian former chef and mushroom enthusiast who lives in the woods with his beloved truffle-hunting pig. She is kidnapped, and Cage's character sets out to find them and save his porcine companion.

While several sites have noted that the premise is similar to Keanu Reeves' quest to find his dog in "John Wick," there are also some major "Liam Neeson searching for his daughter in 'Taken'" vibes. (Cage definitely has a very specific set of skills, chief of which is starring in completely out-of-the-box movies.)

The trailer elicited a frenzy on Twitter:

NICOLAS CAGE IS TRENDING BECAUSE HE LOST HIS PIG SOMEONE POSTED A HAMBER ALERT — Doug! (Jeopardy! Airplane! Mother! Cleghorne!) (@DougBenson) June 17, 2021

not just former michelin star restaurant chef nicolas cage who is now national truffle treasure hunter nicolas cage looking for his truffle pigthe layers here — darthTM (@darth) June 17, 2021

We're all watching the new Nicolas Cage movie trailer in which he *checks notes* loses a pig pic.twitter.com/eWRhip4MC3 — Pizza Dad (@Pizza__Dad) June 17, 2021

I think we no longer recoil when we see a premise for a Nicolas Cage film. Of course, he plays a truffle hunter looking for his kidnapped pig. https://t.co/GiaXmYEeGt — Echo | METROID DREAD ACTUALLY EXISTS HOLY FUCK (@EchoSaefir) June 17, 2021

I believe Liam Neeson should assist Nicolas Cage in finding his pig and blaming Harrison Ford for it, or at least that is the movie I would watch. — Mr. Newberger (@jeremynewberger) June 17, 2021

For me, Nicolas Cage saying "I'm looking for a truffle pig" is already a classic line in cinema https://t.co/xz7lBzPFEI — sebastian castillo (@bartlebytaco) June 17, 2021

All we can hope is that the pig survives.

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