Home Posts In A Hilarious Post, A Pet Rescue Organization Advertises "Pre-Owned Senior Dogs."
In A Hilarious Post, A Pet Rescue Organization Advertises "Pre-Owned Senior Dogs."
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In A Hilarious Post, A Pet Rescue Organization Advertises "Pre-Owned Senior Dogs."

An animal rescue organization is experimenting with new methods to find new homes for senior dogs.

Vintage Pet Rescue, a non-profit based in Foster, Rhode Island, advertised a "Senior Dog Blowout Sale!" on Facebook.

“Are you looking for a new best friend?” asks the post, riffing on the used car salesman trope.

“Everyone wants a new puppy, but have you considered a pre-owned senior dog? You haven't? Well, what can we do today to get you matched with a certified used dog?”

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The rescue is charmingly honest about the adoptable dogs featured, such as Jake From State Farm, who "only has one speed very slow;" Dillon, who "needs frequent washes;" and Fluffy, who "only makes right turns" and "may have a few mechanical issues."

“Are our dogs slow moving? You bet they are! Do our dogs love to nap? It's their absolute favorite thing! Are our dogs healthy? Not really! Will our dogs provide love and affection for the remaining months/years of their lives? We guarantee it!”

The witty post was intended to draw attention to the sweet dogs who aren't always easy to find homes for.

“So many people want puppies, but there aren’t a lot of people lined up for the one-eyed, 15-year-old, diabetic dog,” Vintage Pet Rescue founder Kristen Peralta told Stardia via email. “I just thought it would be a fun way to market these special, pre-loved dogs.”

Since the post went live on Monday, there has been a significant increase in interest in the featured dogs; in fact, the only dog who has yet to receive any applications is Cheez-It, a Jack Russell whose photo states that he "runs great!" and has a "clean interior," but is "not kid friendly."

Cheez-It, 14, likes other dogs, according to Peralta.

She went on to say that the rescue organization generally restricts adopters to people who live within 100 miles of Foster, or at the very least "within driving distance."

In general, Peralta is ecstatic that the post has received so much attention, and she simply wants people to view older pets more positively.

“Our main goal is to show people that senior dogs make excellent pets and companions,” she explained.

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