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Girl's Terrifying Encounter With Shark In Hawaii Goes Viral

Girl's Terrifying Encounter With Shark In Hawaii Goes Viral

Anela Rezentes had no clue about what sort of shark flailed wildly her in shallow water at Oahu's Kalama Beach on Sunday. (Watch the video above.)

"Be that as it may, I wasn't going to stay to discover," the 6-year-old told "Inside Edition."

Rezentes cried "shark!" and got a move on out of the sea as the startling experience was protected by her mom's cellphone camera, Hawaii News Now announced. The recording finished when her mom, Sheri Gouveia, acknowledged what was going on and dropped her telephone while running toward her girl, as indicated by outlets.

In the clasp, Anela is playing in the waves when the dashing shark unexpectedly breaks the surface around her.

"My spirit left my body," the young lady told KHON2. "I saw a shark. I didn't see he was despite my good faith. So I truly needed to run out. I was truly frightened."

Gouveia gave an otherworldly much obliged for her girl's security.

"Never under any circumstance has something like this occurred previously," she said. "She's essentially here each and every other end of the week. I surmise there truly are holy messengers looking after my holy messenger."

"Inside Edition" announced that a few specialists accept the shark was a blacktip, which chases in shallow water and will chomp people under particular conditions. Yet, for this situation specialists accept the shark presumably was focusing on fish close to the young lady, KHON2 noted.

In 2019, a shark accepted to be a blacktip thumped a 7-year-old off his surfboard at Florida's New Smyrna Beach. Inquired as to whether he could at any point surf once more, the kid answered, "Completely."
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