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'Unprecedented Crime Wave As President': Ex-Prosecutor Slams Trump
Donald Trump

'Unprecedented Crime Wave As President': Ex-Prosecutor Slams Trump

A former federal prosecutor has called for Donald Trump to face criminal charges, claiming that he is “an unabated crime wave as president.”

Glenn Kirschner of MSNBC's "Last Word" warned of a future "runaway criminal president" if Trump is not held accountable for some of the "many" offenses he committed while in office on Friday's episode of "Last Word."

Kirschner, a former prosecutor in the United States Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia for 24 years who now works as an MSNBC legal analyst, listed some of Trump's transgressions, including his impeachment in the Ukraine scandal and his administration's obstruction of congressional proceedings.

“There are so many other offenses. There are countless, avoidable COVID deaths that I believe could be pursued by the states, and then, of course, there is inciting the insurgency, which we saw with our own eyes,” Kirschner added.

“If he is not held accountable, if we do not prosecute him, we are encouraging tomorrow’s version of Donald Trump,” he added. “We must prosecute today’s version of Donald Trump to send the message that we will not tolerate a fleeing, criminal president.”

See the video above for more information.

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