Home Posts Jim Acosta Goes All-Out In His Criticism Of Fox News' "Bulls**t Factory"
Jim Acosta Goes All-Out In His Criticism Of Fox News' "Bulls**t Factory"
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Jim Acosta Goes All-Out In His Criticism Of Fox News' "Bulls**t Factory"

According to CNN's Jim Acosta, Fox News has increased its coverage of "cockamamie made-up nonsense" since the 2020 election in an effort to regain viewers, incite outrage, and increase ratings.

In an interview published this week on Mediaite’s “The Interview,” the CNN anchor discussed the fallout from Fox News’ election night decision to call Arizona for Joe Biden, which turned out to be correct, earning the ire of then-President Donald Trump.

Despite the fact that two executives involved in that decision were fired soon after, Fox News saw a drop in ratings following the election, and Trump repeatedly directed his supporters to far-right alternatives OAN and Newsmax.

According to Acosta, the network had a chance to "return to the real world" at that point, but instead became "more Fox-like and Trumpian."

“What they’ve decided to do since then is double down on being what I call the bullshit factory,” Acosta said. “They churn out segments that gin up outrage that they know is going to piss off their viewers and so on. Even if it’s cockamamie made-up nonsense. And they do it for the simple reason of attracting viewers and boosting ratings.”

According to Acosta, covering up the network's mistakes is necessary in order to hold its employees and guests accountable.

“I’ve thought long and hard about it, and my attitude is we have to talk about it, we have to cover it. Do we need to do it every hour of every day? No, we don’t. But if Trump or his lackeys go on Fox and spew this nonsense about the election and it’s not fact-checked in real time, they’re operating as propagandists, and they’re doing a bad thing for this country.”

Acosta frequently reports on Fox News during his weekend anchor slot, and recently accused the network of being "obsessed with cancel culture" and generating "faux outrage" while silencing anyone who refuses to propagate Trump's lies about the 2020 election.

The full interview with Acosta by Mediaite can be found here.

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