Home Posts Kid Rock Uses Homophobic Slur Again In Strange Tweet
Kid Rock Uses Homophobic Slur Again In Strange Tweet

Kid Rock Uses Homophobic Slur Again In Strange Tweet

Kid Rock is reacting to the backlash over his use of a homophobic slur onstage by using it on Twitter as well.

Earlier this week, the rock-rapper was chastised after TMZ released a video of him using a homophobic slur while performing at a Tennessee bar on Saturday night.

In the video, Kid Rock notices audience members filming him on their phones and yells, "You fucking faggots with your phones out!"

After Twitter users pointed out that his language was offensive, the singer responded with a bizarre tweet attributed to "Bob Ritchie" (his actual birth name).

“If Kid Rock using the word faggot offends you, chances are you are one; in any case, I know he has a lot of love for his gay friends, and I will talk to him. Have a nice day. -Bob Ritchie,” he tweeted.

So far, no one identifying as Kid Rock's gay friend has commented positively on the homophobic tweet, but there were plenty of people eager to correct him.

It's amusing how bigots always claim to have friends who use whatever slur they're using. — David Badash (@davidbadash) June 10, 2021

I'll correct the tweet: if Kid Rock uses the word [email protected], there's a good chance he's a secret [email protected] who despises himself for it; in any case, he shouldn't be using it. It's offensive. Period. End of story. — Ben Goldberg (@bendgold) June 10, 2021

Do not normalize the use of the F word. It truly is a matter of life and death for some of these kids. #LGBT #ally — Ashley Wilson (@ashontheradio) June 9, 2021

Enjoy the continued loss of fans and revenue. — Whatever (@WhateverBongo1) June 9, 2021

Other people had concerns.

How frequently does Kid drop an n-bomb in front of his closet white friends — synthphunk (@synthphunk) June 9, 2021

Can he name his "many gay friends"? pic.twitter.com/7txsF8KmRo — Chris Henderson (@Riverside_Slgrs) June 10, 2021

Another rumored Kid Rock tweet may serve as a litmus test for whether or not cancel culture exists.

Let's see what happens with so-called "cancel culture" here; if it exists, Kid Rock will no longer be commercially viable after saying "faggot" and doubling down on it. But... something tells me he'll be fine because "cancel culture" doesn't exist. https://t.co/bcEUn5lKic — Charlotte Clymer (@cmclymer) June 10, 2021

And there was one person who had a message for both Kid Rock and Bob Ritchie.

You two are idiots. https://t.co/cDPFWxASmL — John Pavlovitz (@johnpavlovitz) June 10, 2021

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