Home Posts Lindsey Graham's New Take On Trump's COVID-19 Failures Is Too Much For Online Commentators
Lindsey Graham's New Take On Trump's COVID-19 Failures Is Too Much For Online Commentators

Lindsey Graham's New Take On Trump's COVID-19 Failures Is Too Much For Online Commentators

Many people on Twitter found Sen. Lindsey Graham's (R-SC) latest sycophancy of ex-President Donald Trump repugnant on Tuesday.

Graham suggested on Sean Hannity's Fox News show that if the lab leak theory of the virus's origin (which Trump backed up in April last year) proved true, Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic could be seen in a completely different light.

“If Trump was correct about the lab leak, it would change the public’s perception of President Trump in regards to the coronavirus,” Graham told Hannity.

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Lindsey Graham: If Trump is correct about the lab leak, it will change the public's perception of President Trump's stance on the Coronavirus pic.twitter.com/tyq8eXWPEy — Acyn (@Acyn) June 9, 2021

Critics strongly disagreed and reminded the South Carolina Republican of Trump's disastrous handling of the pandemic, which included him publicly considering the injection of disinfectant as a treatment at one point.

For months, Trump downplayed the virus's threat, despite privately admitting it was "deadly," and politicized the use of masks and other anti-virus measures.

“The origin of the virus does not change the negligence of his response,” one commenter wrote, while another added, “Oh, I don't know, letting a deadly virus run rampant through the country killing thousands of people might be a tad more important.”

530,000 people vote no—Tiffany Thiele (@thielefor55th) June 9, 2021

Nope. It didn't matter where it started; what mattered was how it was handled, rather than ignoring or minimizing it — Me - kindness matters (@myjake30) June 9, 2021

1.5 years later, Linds is still convinced that the problem is how the car got a flat tire, not that Trump tried to fix it with scotch tape and a bike pump — Dad Jokes Panda (@TrashPandaFTW) June 9, 2021

The public has a negative perception of Donald Trump‘s handling of the coronavirus pandemic because Trump killed 500,000 people due to his indifference, and the virus’s origin does not resurrect the dead. https://t.co/ka1UUJYlVw — John Aravosis (@aravosis) June 9, 2021

So, if it came from a lab, could we inject ourselves with bleach? — Tom Graser (@StLawEd) June 9, 2021

A lab leak wouldn't change how cowardly, selfishly, ignorantly, callously, and dishonestly Donald Trump handled Covid. A lab leak wouldn't bring back the hundreds of thousands of Americans who died as a result of Trump's criminal mishandling of the virus. https://t.co/h9MeQPOAZK — Joe Walsh (@WalshFreedom) June 9, 2021

No, it won't. He botched the response, and the virus's origins don't change that. — Jaxs (@jaxs_talks) June 9, 2021

The virus's origin does not excuse his carelessness in responding. — Mark Gray (@rich29uk) June 9, 2021

The former guy's response to covid was sabotage, from the start to his final day in office. — ThanksInAdvanceForYourVituperation (@joe_shands) June 9, 2021

It wasn't the virus's origin or spread... it was TFG's LYING to the American people that the virus wouldn't be bad, mocking mask wearers, and failing to do anything to mitigate the disaster, resulting in the deaths of nearly 600,000 Americans. — Daphne_ du Maurier (@McmOne) June 9, 2021

No, Lindsey. He's still a slimy, sleazy, criminal moron whose presidency did more to harm our country than anything since the Civil War. And you're still an ass. https://t.co/Ech7eOythc — The True American (@TheTrueAmerica5) June 9, 2021

Yes, we would think he was right but disastrously incompetent, rather than wrong but disastrously incompetent; indeed, we might wonder why he was so bad on COVID science overall if he knew more about its origins than we assumed. https://t.co/pk4kIQPgbu — Richard Gowan (@RichardGowan1) June 9, 2021

If it had been a laboratory leak, bleach would have been an excellent treatment. — Paul (@pablo_honey1) June 9, 2021

Oh, I don't know, maybe letting a deadly virus wreak havoc on the country and kill thousands of people is a little more important https://t.co/FN891w0A03 — Robert Swartwood (@RobertSwartwood) June 9, 2021

No, it wouldn't. If anything, it would make Trump look even more irresponsible for downplaying the virus's risk. After all, it was completely illogical to believe that Covid escaped from a Chinese lab *and* that we didn't need to be concerned. https://t.co/KwL61qeqJ5 — James Surowiecki (@JamesSurowiecki) June 9, 2021

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