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Cop Allegedly Concussed By Capitol Rioter: "You Have Stolen Moments Away From Me"
Capitol Riot

Cop Allegedly Concussed By Capitol Rioter: "You Have Stolen Moments Away From Me"

A female officer from the United States Capitol who responded to the deadly riot on Jan. 6 testified against an alleged rioter who she claimed gave her a concussion.

Ryan Samsel of Pennsylvania has been in custody since February after allegedly participating in violence during the Capitol riot that left five people dead and more than 140 officers injured, including a female officer who Samsel allegedly assaulted by pushing her, causing her to fall and hit her head on the stairs behind her, resulting in a concussion, according to federal prosecutors.

The unidentified officer testified in federal court on Friday in opposition to Samsel's recent request for pretrial release, describing how Samsel "purposefully came in through the west front of the Capitol and purposefully knocked me down."

“When you set out to injure another human being, you are not only committing assault, but you are also committing thievery,” the officer said in court. “You took someone’s ability to have control over their own body and lead a normal life; you have stolen moments away from me that I can never get back.”

One of the moments Samsel stole from her was the ability to be with her colleagues as they mourned the death of U.S. Capitol Officer Brian Sicknick, who suffered two strokes after engaging with rioters and died on Jan. 7. Two men were arrested after spraying Sicknick with chemicals on the day of the attack.

Prosecutors detailed a litany of horrific abuses Samsel previously committed in a court filing Wednesday, including a 2009 assault and reckless endangerment conviction after he held a victim against her will for five hours, “choking her to the point of unconsciousness, pushing her, beating her, and chipping her teeth.”

After choking and throwing his pregnant wife into a canal, he was convicted of simple assault and reckless endangerment in 2011.

“The allegations of that assault involved Samsel smashing a hot pizza in the victim's face, beating the victim, pouring a beer over her head, and eventually throwing her into the canal, where he then hopped down and held her head under. When Samsel finally let go of her, the victim ran into the street barefoot and found a police vehicle.

According to federal prosecutors' filing, another woman claimed in 2019 that Samsel choked, beat, and raped her multiple times.

The female officer who allegedly concussed Samsel told the court that his pretrial release request should be denied because no one "should have to fear injury at his hand."

“You stole my ability to be present at important events because of the physical and psychological trauma you inflicted on me and my coworkers, and now you want to be free,” the officer said. “When will we be free? When will we be free of the memories and scars of that day?”

Samsel's request for pretrial release has yet to be granted by a judge.

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