Home Posts 28 Of The Funniest Tweets About Cats And Dogs This Week
28 Of The Funniest Tweets About Cats And Dogs This Week

28 Of The Funniest Tweets About Cats And Dogs This Week

Woof — it's been a difficult week.

In the event that you have a feeling that you've been working extremely hard, let us offer you what might be compared to a major heap of catnip: funny tweets about pets.

We Shih Tzu not.

Every week at Stardia, we scour Twitter to track down the most amusing posts about our furballs being finished numskulls. They're certain to make you wail.

(Also, on the off chance that you need some more, no compelling reason to ask. Look at a week ago's group here.)

More often than not felines resemble "whimper" and that is really cool, yet then once in a while they're similar to "brrrreow" which is simply. Unbelievable. 10/10—jon drake (@DrakeGatsby) April 24, 2021

Ted might want to advise you that he slipped from wolves pic.twitter.com/I2HrterTNZ—counterfeit gold (@jackiecarbajal) April 27, 2021

dogzilla pic.twitter.com/n82K4bmDYk—perritos gorditos (@Gordito_Perrito) April 28, 2021

Occasionally you're the feline and a few days you're the pony pic.twitter.com/a40DoALMt1—Molly Jong-Fast🏡 (@MollyJongFast) April 26, 2021

pic.twitter.com/XbTQptiDUO—N8 (@N8W0LF) April 29, 2021

my feline has a drinking fountain and wont drink in any case... at the point when you eat the rich kindly extra her—Dream (@Dream) April 24, 2021

Screw THE SYSTEM📸: Reddit client aquaporin67 pic.twitter.com/HMl1EjsdOg—Paul Bronks (@SlenderSherbet) April 29, 2021

This canine loves to sing. @ bleubrown on TikTok pic.twitter.com/BCbafh3yWH—Ginger 🦋 (@GinLessIsMore) April 27, 2021

feline proprietors resemble yea I like it when they don't do anything—rodent lord (@thescringo) April 26, 2021

pic.twitter.com/BLHS2FxomG—gatitos gorditos (@GorditosGatitos) April 26, 2021

pic.twitter.com/En1wonJDzf—Why you ought to have a feline (@ShouldHaveCat) April 29, 2021

having two felines rather than one is more costly and twofold the genuine annoyance yet every so often they'll be sitting sort of close to one another in a room I stroll into and i'll will say "goodness, hello folks" and at that time it's great—matt (@Lubchansky) April 26, 2021

my feline: *exists*me: pic.twitter.com/bzAN8VNHEW—sovereign quen (@quenblackwell) April 25, 2021

"If it's not too much trouble, would we be able to have an outing?" pic.twitter.com/5WZ81s4moO—We Love Dogs, USA (@WeLoveDogsUSA) April 29, 2021

Regardless of whether you are completely inoculated the CDC actually suggests giving your canines a touch of bacon consistently.— Bunsen and BEAKER (@bunsenbernerbmd) April 29, 2021

theres a lost feline who visits my yard and I generally give him a container of fish however i'm full scale so around evening time I singed him an egg and I dont think he realizes how to manage it pic.twitter.com/laaHhF1zem—zach silberberg (@zachsilberberg) April 25, 2021

We just rate canines. We don't have the foggiest idea why this individual submitted pics of their floor covering, quite a long while separated. It would appear that a very decent carpet, however... 13/10 pic.twitter.com/dTWbG5G90I—WeRateDogs® (@dog_rates) April 29, 2021

STYLE NOTE: All felines view themselves as the First Cat. https://t.co/3hUWMevCAx—Max Burns (@themaxburns) April 30, 2021

How it began versus how it's going #DogsofTwitter #MiniAussie pic.twitter.com/uhdMfSzMoU—Harry (@harryMAS20) April 29, 2021

IM GOIGN TO WAKING YOU UP WITH MY YELLING pic.twitter.com/0xZHuP5Jb0—alfie's coole tweats (@goodboyalfie) April 28, 2021

HOW Could She be REAL LMAO pic.twitter.com/v6fCMxYPE6—🍌//emmett hobbes, turtleneck aficionado//(@EmmettComix) April 29, 2021

Young lady visits a safe house and gets embraced by a feline pic.twitter.com/UWYJTRneJi—Nature and Animals🌴 (@AnimalsWorId) April 25, 2021

I heard some crunching toward the beginning of today when I got out the shower… just to discover my canine eating my better half's make up.I just.. smh. pic.twitter.com/Mp0r5FTIkP—Pete Haviland-Eduah (@TheNotoriousPHE) April 28, 2021

This is my feline. This isn't my level. My neighbor sent me this photograph of Ivy making herself at home on their couch. 10/10 for dauntlessness. pic.twitter.com/c15MoWMoJa—Xenia Karayiannis (@_XeniaKara_) April 29, 2021

From @henrythecoloradodog: "Sun's out, tongues out ☀️😛" #catsofinstagram pic.twitter.com/oD23ML0QU8—Cats of Instagram (@catsofinstagram) April 25, 2021

Me snapping a photo of my feline accomplishing something: Phew, nearly didn't get thatMy camera roll: pic.twitter.com/Mxpo0B33DC—merritt k (@merrittk) April 29, 2021

pic.twitter.com/b7THRcikPT—cats.exe (@catsdotexe) April 29, 2021
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