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'One In A Million' Bass Landed By Angler
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'One In A Million' Bass Landed By Angler

An angler in Arkansas caught a fish that is extremely rare.

Last week, Josh Rogers of the Ozark Highlands caught a gold-colored largemouth bass on a swim jig in Beaver Lake.

He quickly identified the fish's species, but the color intrigued him; it turned out he'd struck gold.

“Josh should buy a lottery ticket because he caught one fish in a million,” Arkansas Game and Fish Commission biologist Jon Stein told Arkansas Wildlife Magazine, the AGFC’s official publication.

Green and brown are the most common colors for largemouth bass.

According to Stein, Rogers' fish's unusual color is caused by xanthochroism, a natural but uncommon genetic anomaly.

According to Merriam-Webster, xanthochroism is a “genetic variation in various vertebrates characterized by local or general absence of black and brown pigment with normal development of red and golden pigments (as in skin or feathers), resulting in a yellow to reddish coloration.”

Rogers stated that the fish was eventually returned to the lake.

“I didn’t think about it for an hour and a half of fishing,” he told Arkansas Wildlife Magazine, “then I started sending pictures to friends and putting it on Instagram and Facebook, and from everyone’s reaction, I started thinking, ‘Maybe I shouldn’t have thrown it back.’ I was surprised it caused such a reaction from people.”

The angler now intends to commission a replica of his catch.

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