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Joy Reid Makes Fun Of Tucker Carlson's "Bare Asses" Analogy

Joy Reid Makes Fun Of Tucker Carlson's "Bare Asses" Analogy

On Wednesday, MSNBC anchor Joy Reid slammed Tucker Carlson's claim that "medical Jim Crow has come to America" in the form of coronavirus vaccine passports.

Reid dedicated "The Absolute Worst" segment of her "ReidOut" show to the Fox News personality, who on Tuesday compared the requirement to have received COVID-19 shots in order to attend events to segregation.

“Nurse, we have another case of VSE, victim status envy,” Reid joked, adding that Carlson’s remarks were part of a larger conservative strategy to “drown out the outrage over their flurry of Jim Crow voting laws with pure confusion?”

“Requiring people to wear masks or show a little card that says you aren’t going to kill everyone around you by coughing on them isn’t Jim Crow targeting the disproportionately Republican vaccine refusalers and anti-maskers, any more than ‘no shirts, no shoes, no service’ is Jim Crow targeting naked people,” Reid said.

“I mean, shouldn't people who choose to be publicly naked receive service in your store? No. No, they shouldn't. You should be able to exclude naked people from rubbing their bare asses around your Walmart chain,” she went on to say.

“That’s just common sense,” Reid concluded, “but you can’t exclude people based on immutable characteristics like race, gender, or sexual orientation. That’s the difference, and I can’t believe I have to explain this to adults.”

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