Home Posts Texas Republican Slams GOP For Hating 'A Good Hunk Of America'
Texas Republican Slams GOP For Hating 'A Good Hunk Of America'
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Texas Republican Slams GOP For Hating 'A Good Hunk Of America'

A Texas Republican legislative up-and-comer who lost a U.S. House spillover recently subsequent to crusading as a "Never Trumper" and getting just 3% of the vote, is presently denouncing the gathering's present concentration ― or deficiency in that department.

Michael Wood ran in Texas' sixth Congressional District for the seat recently involved by Republican Rep. Ron Wright with a mission reproachful of Donald Trump, even however he decided in favor of the now previous president.

All the while, he attracted just 3% of the vote and lost to Wright's widow, Susan Wright, who was supported by the previous president. Wright passed on in February in the wake of getting the Covid.

On Wednesday, Wood told MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace that the Republican Party has "lost its direction" and has no genuine thoughts or approaches other than, obviously, claiming those gosh-darned libs.

"I believe that we are only a gathering of complaint at this moment," Wood said. "I don't have the foggiest idea a big motivator for we. We represent claiming the libs. We don't care for baseball. We don't care for Coke. We don't care for NASCAR. We don't care for Hollywood. We don't care for the scholarly world. We don't care for anything. We're simply a complaint party that detests a decent hunk of America and afterward we call ourselves nationalists, and this is only an impasse."

Albeit a few Republicans may discover "lib possessing" to be a peculiar type of self-care, Wood cautioned that is not a longterm political way of thinking.

"We're not going to win decisions that way, and we're not going to kind of institute such a traditionalist changes we like as such, and afterward at the edges there's a genuine danger of political viciousness, which keeps me up around evening time," he said. "We saw that on Jan. 6, and I would rather not say it, however it can deteriorate than that. Furthermore, we have a ton of work in front of us."

Wood isn't sure how the gathering can return from its present status.

"I do imagine that those of us who figure as I do, and I surmise individuals like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, I do feel that there must be some genuine getting sorted out, making groups inside Congress as well as all through the nation, to kind of make it so that it's not simply kind of the oddballs in the primaries that are the lone paying point for legislators," he said, however he noticed that he doesn't know whether the GOP can be rescued.

"You know, I don't need us to need to lose for 10 years before we kind of get that message," he said, referring to the 12 years the Democrats were out of the White House before Bill Clinton's political race in 1992.

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