Home Posts 'Arsonist General': Republican Ohio Attorney General Torched 'Pathetic' Mask-Lighting Stunt
'Arsonist General': Republican Ohio Attorney General Torched 'Pathetic' Mask-Lighting Stunt

'Arsonist General': Republican Ohio Attorney General Torched 'Pathetic' Mask-Lighting Stunt

Ohio Attorney General David Yost celebrated the end of mandatory mask-wearing and social distancing in the state by setting fire to a face covering, a move that some online critics slammed as "pathetic" and "childish."

On Tuesday, he tweeted a video of himself dousing a face mask with what appeared to be lighter fluid, then tossing a match onto it while Jimi Hendrix's 1967 song "Fire" played, and Yost wrote that it was a "spoof on Jim Hendrix setting his Stratocaster on fire at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival."

“In honor of the expiring health orders,” Yost captioned the video, to which some people responded that local mask mandates remained in effect.

In honor of the upcoming expiration of health orders: pic.twitter.com/BxqkgeH4MA — Attorney General Dave Yost (@Yost4Ohio) June 2, 2021

Twitter users pointed out that Yost had battled COVID-19 himself, and they reminded him of Ohio's death toll during the pandemic: the state has had more than 1.1 million confirmed cases; 59,000 Ohioans have been hospitalized, and COVID-19 has killed 19,800.

Yost, on the other hand, played down his anger.

“A little-known side effect of COVID-19 is a temporary loss of sense of humor,” he tweeted, later adding, “a liberal is someone who believes burning an American flag is constitutionally (sic) protected free speech, but burning a paper mask is a punishable act.”

Darrel Rowland (@darreldrowland) June 2, 2021 https://t.co/9wchpEslwO

Yeahhhhh, kids, don't play with matches, lighter fluid, or Republicans. — VorianBetterFetter (@thegoldenfetter) June 2, 2021

— AbbyNormal57 (@abbynormal75) June 2, 2021

The lengths some in the GOP have gone to express their outrage and anger over a piece of cloth are truly pathetic. Imagine if they focused that outrage on something more important, like race relations or the attack on the Capitol. — Pete S (@PeteS2112) June 2, 2021

Joe Metz (@tscinti) on June 2, 2021: "Pathetic."

— ohiogirl12 (@lthomas2689) June 2, 2021

— Kim (@HyattathomeKi) June 2, 2021

This is offensive and reckless behavior. It is behavior like this that will lead to people continuing to get sick.Many people are still not vaccinated, and many others have health issues such as compromised immune systems.Our leaders should be setting good examples, not bad ones. https://t.co/g6swIyGwVq — Aryeh Alex (@iAryeh) June 2, 2021

What's the matter with you? Why do you dance on the graves of 500,000+ dead Americans? — Clearly Not Rys (@Clearly_Not_Rys) June 2, 2021

This is Ohio's Attorney General, who got COVID pretty bad. We live in a very normal state, and it's not a fuck you to the nearly 20k people who died from it in Ohio alone. https://t.co/twEuWFwL2j — florpman (@florpman) June 2, 2021

Do Ohioans realize they elected a six-year-old? — WSeitz (@LASeitz) June 2, 2021

More than a million Ohioans have contracted COVID, 20,000 have died as a result of it, and only 40% of our state is fully vaccinated, in part because “leaders” like Dave Yost couldn’t bear to take this horrific virus seriously enough. How fortunate that he has govt health insurance for his own bout of Covid. https://t.co/KKrRAqEAPD — Katy Shanahan (@KatyAShanahan) June 2, 2021

Wow, this is terrible. Those masks saved people's lives and kept my children safe. — brenda gibbner (@markrapp23) June 2, 2021

GOP politicians aren't interested in governing, legislating, or doing anything to improve the lives of their constituents. They want to use their positions to demonstrate their power (while giving tax breaks and handouts to their wealthy friends.) https://t.co/NdC6oUWPMI — Kevin wants you to get vaccinated! (@kevinverhoff) June 2, 2021

Hello, Dave. Do you remember when you had COVID in January? My friend did, too. He spent a month in ICU on a ventilator and didn't make it. — Jenny Sais Quoi (@jlynnunsweetnd) June 2, 2021

Nearly 20,000 Ohioans died as a result of the coronavirus, and this is your childish tantrum because you are no longer inconvenienced You're pathetic, Dave https://t.co/hKEHlBHI5R — Ryan Huelsman (@TheAmazingRyGuy) June 2, 2021

This is Ohio's Attorney General, who wants you to forget he had COVID in January. https://t.co/XkRYuEuDCW — Craig Calcaterra (@craigcalcaterra) June 2, 2021

This is an adult man who had a bad case of Covid, but because he survived, Dave Yost apparently thinks it's funny that so many others did not. https://t.co/D0zqlLCIQG — Justin Barasky (@JustinBarasky) June 2, 2021

Is everything supposed to be performance art? Can't I just throw the damn thing away? Oh no, I have to film myself "Owning the libs" by setting a paper mask on fire.Ohio is screwed. — TheGhostofSideline_Observer (@TheGhostofSide1) June 2, 2021

Putting my house on fire to own the libs https://t.co/PySzJta3wX — Jordan (@ZeusLFC) June 2, 2021

— Michael Petty (@5MilesHigher) June 2, 2021

Mike Slutson BLM (@mikehudsonsucks) on June 2, 2021: Virtue signaling woo

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