Home Posts Mary J. Blige Recalls Recording Iconic Album During Her 'Darkest Hour'
Mary J. Blige Recalls Recording Iconic Album During Her 'Darkest Hour'

Mary J. Blige Recalls Recording Iconic Album During Her 'Darkest Hour'

On Tuesday, the first trailer for Mary J. Blige's documentary was released.

“Mary J. Blige’s My Life” revisits Blige’s life experiences and her journey in making her iconic second studio album, “My Life.” The documentary, directed by Vanessa Roth, is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on June 25.

Blige, who was raised in Yonkers, New York, explains in the trailer that she turned to music to cope with the challenges she faced as a child.

“In the neighborhood we lived in, it was like a prison,” she says in the video. “There was a lot wrong, and there was a lot I needed to get out, which is why I had that pen.”

Later, Blige discussed the creation of "My Life," describing it as her darkest album, created during "one of the darkest times I've had."

The album "My Life," which included hit songs like "I'm Goin' Down," was released in 1994, and Amazon Studios first announced that a documentary was in the works in 2019 – 25 years after the album's release.

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At the time, Blige celebrated the album's 25th anniversary by writing on Instagram that she was in "so much pain" when she wrote it.

“I released this album to the world, and it opened the doors to people in pain just like me,” she wrote.

In the new trailer, Blige also discusses dealing with depression while working on the album, but later discovering that her music had inspired others.

“I had no idea so many people shared my sentiments,” she says.

Taraji P. Henson appears in the trailer and says, "She made it OK for people to say, 'It's okay to be me.'" (Watch the trailer below.)

Over the weekend, the legacy of Mary J. Blige's music was also honored.

The nine-time Grammy winner and double Oscar nominee was inducted into New York City's Harlem neighborhood's Apollo Theater Walk of Fame.

At the induction ceremony on Friday, Blige expressed gratitude to her fans, saying, "none of this would be possible without the fans."

I'm thrilled to share the trailer for my new documentary, #MJBMyLife with Yours Truly!! Coming June 25th to @PrimeVideo pic.twitter.com/S4yNMvcrZH — Mary J. Blige (@maryjblige)

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