Home Posts Courteney Cox Returns To 'Friends' With A Total Wildcard Cameo
Courteney Cox Returns To 'Friends' With A Total Wildcard Cameo

Courteney Cox Returns To 'Friends' With A Total Wildcard Cameo

It's the one with Ed Sheeran performing "The Routine."

Courteney Cox finally gave “Friends” fans the performance they had all been waiting for on Sunday, with a little extra surprise: Monica Geller’s moves from the 1999 “Friends” episode “The One With The Routine.” However, some viewers commented that Monica’s dance partner and brother, Ross, played by David Schwimmer, looked a little different:

Courteney Cox (@courteneycoxofficial) shared this on Instagram.

“Had our own reunion this weekend,” Sheeran wrote alongside a photo of himself on Instagram.

Cox and Sheeran have been friends for years, and Sheeran even introduced her to her partner, Johnny McDaid of the British band Snow Patrol. However, despite being a diehard fan (or perhaps just a really good pal), Sheeran did not appear in the official and long-awaited “Friends: The Reunion” special, which premiered Thursday nearly 27 years after the show first aired.

The nearly two-hour-long reunion featured a slew of celebrity fans, including Justin Bieber as "Spudnik," Lady Gaga with a soaring "Smelly Cat" rendition, and Cara Delevingne in Rachel's notoriously heinous pink bridesmaid gown.

Many fans were hoping to see the beloved Ross and Monica dance recreated during the reunion, but the actors didn't seem to be interested.

“I did say, 'Would you ever consider doing The Routine?' And both of them were like, 'Oh, please don't make us do that,'” director Ben Winston told The Hollywood Reporter.

Here it is, in its entirety:

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